Jan. 9th, 2009

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Vegemite is safe despite salt content, says Julia Gillard

A shadow has been cast over the future of the spread as a Federal Government taskforce considers special taxes and other deterrents on the sale of fatty, sugary and salty foods.

Maybe it's just me, but whatever happened to perhaps teaching people about this wonderful innovation, called moderation? Or this other one here, personal responsibility?

Sugar-rich preserves and jams, and even high-fat products such as soft cheeses and cooking oils, could be banned for health reasons, Dr Annison warned.

Excuse me? Educate people in being sensible instead? Yes cheese, surprise surprise, is fatty! But if I eat some and I put on weight, well that's my choice and my consequences. Stop mollycoddling people! How will they learn without experience? We need to stop this cycle of "but it's their fault because they didn't make sure I couldn't do it!" Own your damn shit!

Grrr. Stab them with a salty cheesey fork.
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Further to my previous post, I can be found on InsaneJournal under Lirion, same as here.

Let me know who you are if you're there :)

It's been pointed out that some people aren't aware of the backstory here:
Basiclaly the company that now owns LJ sacked approximately 50% of the LJ staff recently, leading to some paranoia as to it's future... In the spirit of hoping for the best and preparing for the worse, I reserved a user name at Insane Journal, as well as making offline backups of this journal. Just in case.

So no, I won't be moving my content to IJ At This Point. Only if LJ does in fact die. But I'm being prepared :)


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