Jan. 20th, 2009

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Today was washing day. Cleaning day revealed piles of clothing most of which was at least dusty enough tow arrant washing. not to mentioned a laod of towels and washing my heavy winter blankets etc. My washing machine does not work (though soemtime in the next week a new-to-me one is going to arrive, posisbly as soon as tomorrow) and so the washing tends to build up somewhat aside from essential items. So today I put the beach thigns out nto dry on the balcony and carted laundry over to my parents where I proceeded to do 5, yes, 5 loads of washing. And such a good drying day it was that the first was dry by the time the 3rd went on, and 2 and 3 were dry by the time 4 went on. I approve. Even after the 'cool' change came through, the wind was still there, just from another direction; only on a day where the temp reached 40 can 28 be described as a cool change :)

Then I came home with my new-to-me television table and at some stage I shall make progress in moving it over. It's a little larger than I had thought which might make room layout ideas not so feasible. Will have to see.

Tomorrow is possibly morning delivery of washing machine, and taking away of washing machine and dryer, as well as getting leaking toilet and blocked basin fixed. Then dentist at 12. Then shopping for storage containers. Which emans tonight will also involve clearing the space I want to stack them.

Such domesticity!


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