Jan. 28th, 2009

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Where to start...

Well, in order to allow my delightful housemate access to a computer while she's here I decided to set up an account for her on my machine. That bti was easy. realising that rather than having to log out of all ym stuff to allow her to log on was going to drive me spare, I relaised this meant that I also needed to change my desktop manager.

Out with fvwm - shuddup everyone I like it :) - in with KDE. And I'll start out with saying that it's not that KDE is bad, it's just diffrent. And different in that it's more windows like. I figured out alst night that I prefer my linux stuff to be appreciably different from doze in form and function otherwise I get my behavioural expectation confused. that and, nerdy or not, I actually like command line based stuff vs gui. If I hadn't already had to hand in my not-a-geek card when i started running linux at home, that last would certainly do it.
Still, it is at least operational and I'm managing. It just makes me twitch occasionally. I can even see benefits. but I still twitch :)

And then I discovered why people say printing with linux is Satan. The device installs. It scans - thogh recommendations if good scanning software would be appreciated - it copies, it says it prints. Unfprtunately by prints it means it spews out repeated blank pages without engaging the inks at all, and only stops when you turn the printer off. For double extra bonus fun if you try the same test page through the web interface rather than the printer operations stuff it prints one blank page, then starts printing the test page, gets you all excited and then keeps printing...while stalling the paper feed. On neither of these occasions does it actually return an error. Head, meet desk.

Today's joy has been the wireless router. Which admittedly allows my hosuemaste to easily connecther laptop up and be done with it. However, despite my machine being connected via an ethernet cable, the connection drops out every 5 minutes and requires the hardware to be power cycled. In which case I stay stuff using the router unless my housemate is actually wanting the net at the same time as me. Default option is straight through the modem. Sod this for a joke.

Technology seems to be defeating me!


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