Feb. 22nd, 2009

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It's been a good weekend.

Friday night was Em's farewell drinks and catching upw ith folk there. Bon Voyage and enjoy South America!
This was followed by Steph's cocktial party. This can best be summed up as follows: a Longz Islan Ice Tea in one hand, a Caprina in the other, while someone was making me a Hibiscus Whiskey Sour. It was a good night, if a little hazy, and I am incredib;y surprised I only woke up feeling tired the next day, rather than seedy.
However not even alcohol blocks out toothache...I bit down on a piece of ice at one point and nearly dropped my brand new drink as the cold, literally, hit a nerve :(

Saturday was R's welcome home drinks at The Nptt, where rather than giving my poor liver a rest I commenced on the red wine, and was chatty and possbly loud and boisterous (who me, couldn't be...)
I also discovered, by virtue of borrowing Matt's galsses, that I really need some of my own. I've known my distance reading was bad for awhile now, and I've recently theorised that one of the reasons I'm so tired afte rlunch at work is that my eyes are tired of strianing. Well. I put on M's glasses and suddenly I could read the menu. It was scary how clear things became. I'd known they were a bit blurred, but wow! Guess that's my next medical trip then.

Today we headed up to Hanging Rock for the Harvest Picnic. Amongst all the yummy food and wine, there was a lovely kangaroo quietky came up to drink at the damn. And was absolutely not shy about letting someone get close nad then pat him. Indeed he even came up towards us and started eating biscuits out of my hand and getting ear and throat scritches. Then when we stopped he jumped into the middle of the picnic rug toa ccess the rest of the buscuits! Cheeky! But very cute. Photos to come.

It was a lovely day, lots of good food and wine, some great sweet red wines, yummy cheese etc etc.

Altogether nice and relaxing for a weekend. Though I'm a tad sunburned.


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