Feb. 25th, 2009

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I've never actually read Gone With The Wind. Nor seen the movie...
However last night I saw the MTC production of Midnight and Magnolias: The greatest movie in Hollywood history has script troubles and movie mogul David O Selznick is bleeding a fortune. Five days, he figures, is all he has before his goose is cooked. But he’s got Hollywood’s best rewrite guy, Ben Hecht; he’s got big-time director Victor Fleming; he’s got a typewriter; he’s got a supply of bananas; and he’s got the key to the office door. No one’s going nowhere until the script is fixed.

The perfect brainstorm. Ron Huchinson’s thrilling and hilarious Moonlight and Magnolias captures the truelife madness behind the scenes of Gone with the Wind.

It was hysterical. Very well written, very well acted. Though I now have a strange desire to see Gone With the Wind done as a camp gay show. I think it would work :)

I'm now torn between a desire to read it and being swayed by the opinion one of the characters from M&M of Scarlett, nd the plot as well, which can be summed up as frivolous, wishy washy and incoherent. But clearly it had something to make it so popular (I won't start the conversation on Twilight again...).
So, surely some people on my friends lsit have read it, thoughts? Impressions? Is it worth it?

Two quotes that stayed with me from last night;
Description of the ending of the book: "To hell with it, let them (the readers) figure it out. I'm off to worm the parakeet!"

Talking about movie making: "We (movie makers) are on all down on our knees sucking the collective dicks of the great unwashed (the audience)"

Seriosuly, it's a lot of fun, very energetic, and really well done.


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