Feb. 26th, 2009

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I have a magical colour changing shirt... When is aw it in teh store, I love the deep olive green colour of it. I bought it, got it home, puilled it out...and ti was a rich chocolate brown. I stared at it for awhile confused then shrugged and decidedit was stilla ncie colour, if not the colour I'd originally desired and thT I msut have had some sort of vision malfunction. Until later that night...when it was back to olive green. What The...? Apaprently my top is sensitive to UV light - in natural light it's brown, under flurescent it goes green. I've not experienced this before...

I was thinking yesteray that I really need a hammer, or perhaps a needle, to reach that hard to get to "stop overthinking!" button in my brain. I'm told it's there, jsut inconveniently placed. Then it occurred to me that that thought was awfully close to a lobotomy... Yes, I'm a abd woman. And I'll take the overthinking.

Alos, I've suddnely gone from a dearth of new book I want to read being available to a flood. This is both good and bad. Yay for stuff I want! bah! Why can't the releases be staggered. There were something like 5 new books in series I've been waiting for that I saw on a cursory glance today! And while it's great that these come out now that I have $, I must practice tempration resistance and not buy them all at once! No matter how tempting it is to buy them all and lock myself up in my room for a hermit period of reading indulgence! And yes, theoretically I coul ration my buying, but then I worry that the books will sell out and I'll ahve trouble finding them.... Sigh.


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