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So, the other day duing training, someone was passing around mints. And they had some Exclipse, 'Black Chill'. Hmm, haven't tried these before, expecting them to be some sort of extra intense mint.
Not quite as it turns out...
In fact, kinda odd tasting, not exactly unpleasant, kinda of fmailiar even, but not really minty, of there's some menthol there, almost eucalptusy in fact, damn, can't place it.
take a whiff of the tin they come in. Choke on min. The tin smells like dencorub. That's why they taste so odd and kinda familiar, they taste exactly like deoncorub smells! - but with less bite.
Of cours,e that brought to mind the images of lockers rooms, and sucking on the scent of that...mmmn no.
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I like blogging the little things that make me smile. It balances the rest of the stuff i rant about :)

Anyway, yesterday, while shopping...

Was heading over to a friends for the evning so ducked into the bottle shop for a bottle of wine. Had no idea what I was in the mood for really. I felt like red wine but wasn't sure because it was humid and muggy. The young perky blond woman came over and asked if I wanted any help. I said I was looking for a nice bottle in x price range but didn't know what I wanted. "Variety, region...?". Um... normally I can answer that but I'd jsut had a massage and was still floaty from it. So i settle don asking for maybe a pinot cos of the weather and we went from there. She recommended something (and it was lovely!). I made my purchase, we nattered briefly about wine, she was relaly quite knowledgeable, which inspires me to go back as I like staff who have an interest in their product. I said I should leave her to it and she responded with "I've got a bottle of Yarra Bank open if you'd like a glass" - not a taste, a glass! - and I of course said "who am I to say no" and she went and fetched the bottle and I had a glass and we chatted for another 15 minutes or so, and all in all, it was just a really nice experience of purchasing wine. I like these sort of encounters.

I'd wandered out of the house in a thin tshirt yesterday, as, despite the earlier rain, it was still quite warm and muggy. Then of course it bucketed again and I was feeling the chill somewhat. So browsed target and found, of all things, a duffle jacket made out of windcheater material - a dufflecheater! I know ti sounds lame but it worked and is snug and comfy. While trying it on, I looked inthe mirror and realised that really, the jeans I was wearing were a bit past it, they looked old and saggy and blah - they happen to be the ones that fit me the best currently, the others fall off. So off next door I went for new jeans. I should state at this point that I loathe jeans shopping. It tends to be full of fail; there are too many variables and only a few of them work on my body and finding those few in one package proves a trial.

Anyway, wandered next door and nice assistance comes up and asks if I'm after anything specific. I point to my jeans and say "these are a little old and ratty" - she manages to agree, but tactfully :) And I say I want lighter weight amterial, the heavy ones won't be good at the moment, too sticky. So I grab a couple of pairs that look promising, and a pair she recommends and off I go. The first pair were awful. The next paid were the ones she suggested and they looked pretty damn fine. I wandered out and she made very complimentary noises. Then I tried on the other pair I chose just in case. And they looked damn fine as well. So I wandered out again and said I couldn't decide. She contempalted and then said "I like these ones better, they look hot babe". What I liked about this is she didn't try and convince me to go with the ones she's suggested, she admitted that the ones I'd gone for suited better. This was really nice. So now I have new jeans. With bling on the bum pockets even... :D To add to the ego, a woman standing at the resgister was staring at me and whispering to her companion, which made me very self conscious at first, however she realised I was aware of it and reassure me that it was because they looked really really good on and she was pointing them out to her companion so she could try on a pair of the same!

It was a good day for shopping.
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Though not in a sense that I enjoy.

Pefume, BPAL Couple Consulting an Enpon: Orange blossom, blackberry, amber mint, and red sandalwood.

There is nothing wrong with any of these notes. Indeed I really quite like them individually.
On ym skin however the combine to smell like slightkly rotten flowers and cat urine. I'm not joking, cat urine!

Unsurprisingly this has since been washed off. Eugh.
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Before I bid on it, this being forward thinking in action :)

If I were to win and ebay auction for a futon sofa bed in Yarraville, would one of my delightful car enabled friends be willing to drive me out there to collect it and help me get it upstairs?

This is no gurantee of me getting it of course, but no point getting it and not being able to, well, Get it :)

Cheers in advance folks...
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I did not in fact feel the earth move. And I feel distinctly jibbed!
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Last night I had a nightmare that I was late for my VCE maths exam... And then when I got there I couldn't find maths Methods listed anywhere, and it took me aaaaages to realose ti was now called Maths Minchins. And when I finally got in and got a seat it was an open book exam but I didn't have my textbook. I had a literature novel however. This was also one of those dreams where I woke up and then fell abck into,a nd it replayed. On one of the replays I was also late for my literature exam as well - this might have been because I woke up thinking, "why maths?". It sounds so minor here but it went on for hours and I woke up extremely stressed from all my dream tension. Sigh.
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I have a magical colour changing shirt... When is aw it in teh store, I love the deep olive green colour of it. I bought it, got it home, puilled it out...and ti was a rich chocolate brown. I stared at it for awhile confused then shrugged and decidedit was stilla ncie colour, if not the colour I'd originally desired and thT I msut have had some sort of vision malfunction. Until later that night...when it was back to olive green. What The...? Apaprently my top is sensitive to UV light - in natural light it's brown, under flurescent it goes green. I've not experienced this before...

I was thinking yesteray that I really need a hammer, or perhaps a needle, to reach that hard to get to "stop overthinking!" button in my brain. I'm told it's there, jsut inconveniently placed. Then it occurred to me that that thought was awfully close to a lobotomy... Yes, I'm a abd woman. And I'll take the overthinking.

Alos, I've suddnely gone from a dearth of new book I want to read being available to a flood. This is both good and bad. Yay for stuff I want! bah! Why can't the releases be staggered. There were something like 5 new books in series I've been waiting for that I saw on a cursory glance today! And while it's great that these come out now that I have $, I must practice tempration resistance and not buy them all at once! No matter how tempting it is to buy them all and lock myself up in my room for a hermit period of reading indulgence! And yes, theoretically I coul ration my buying, but then I worry that the books will sell out and I'll ahve trouble finding them.... Sigh.
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I've never actually read Gone With The Wind. Nor seen the movie...
However last night I saw the MTC production of Midnight and Magnolias: The greatest movie in Hollywood history has script troubles and movie mogul David O Selznick is bleeding a fortune. Five days, he figures, is all he has before his goose is cooked. But he’s got Hollywood’s best rewrite guy, Ben Hecht; he’s got big-time director Victor Fleming; he’s got a typewriter; he’s got a supply of bananas; and he’s got the key to the office door. No one’s going nowhere until the script is fixed.

The perfect brainstorm. Ron Huchinson’s thrilling and hilarious Moonlight and Magnolias captures the truelife madness behind the scenes of Gone with the Wind.

It was hysterical. Very well written, very well acted. Though I now have a strange desire to see Gone With the Wind done as a camp gay show. I think it would work :)

I'm now torn between a desire to read it and being swayed by the opinion one of the characters from M&M of Scarlett, nd the plot as well, which can be summed up as frivolous, wishy washy and incoherent. But clearly it had something to make it so popular (I won't start the conversation on Twilight again...).
So, surely some people on my friends lsit have read it, thoughts? Impressions? Is it worth it?

Two quotes that stayed with me from last night;
Description of the ending of the book: "To hell with it, let them (the readers) figure it out. I'm off to worm the parakeet!"

Talking about movie making: "We (movie makers) are on all down on our knees sucking the collective dicks of the great unwashed (the audience)"

Seriosuly, it's a lot of fun, very energetic, and really well done.
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It's been a good weekend.

Friday night was Em's farewell drinks and catching upw ith folk there. Bon Voyage and enjoy South America!
This was followed by Steph's cocktial party. This can best be summed up as follows: a Longz Islan Ice Tea in one hand, a Caprina in the other, while someone was making me a Hibiscus Whiskey Sour. It was a good night, if a little hazy, and I am incredib;y surprised I only woke up feeling tired the next day, rather than seedy.
However not even alcohol blocks out toothache...I bit down on a piece of ice at one point and nearly dropped my brand new drink as the cold, literally, hit a nerve :(

Saturday was R's welcome home drinks at The Nptt, where rather than giving my poor liver a rest I commenced on the red wine, and was chatty and possbly loud and boisterous (who me, couldn't be...)
I also discovered, by virtue of borrowing Matt's galsses, that I really need some of my own. I've known my distance reading was bad for awhile now, and I've recently theorised that one of the reasons I'm so tired afte rlunch at work is that my eyes are tired of strianing. Well. I put on M's glasses and suddenly I could read the menu. It was scary how clear things became. I'd known they were a bit blurred, but wow! Guess that's my next medical trip then.

Today we headed up to Hanging Rock for the Harvest Picnic. Amongst all the yummy food and wine, there was a lovely kangaroo quietky came up to drink at the damn. And was absolutely not shy about letting someone get close nad then pat him. Indeed he even came up towards us and started eating biscuits out of my hand and getting ear and throat scritches. Then when we stopped he jumped into the middle of the picnic rug toa ccess the rest of the buscuits! Cheeky! But very cute. Photos to come.

It was a lovely day, lots of good food and wine, some great sweet red wines, yummy cheese etc etc.

Altogether nice and relaxing for a weekend. Though I'm a tad sunburned.
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Well, my knees really.

Last night clarified for me that a single bed is not big enough for me and 1 spaniel, let alone 2 of them.

And it was the smaller one who managed to push me out of bed during the night.
So I moved to the other bed, where the larger spaniel promptly jumped up on me and amde sleeping there hard as well.

Sigh. Fail.

I was looking after my parents dogs as they are up in Gippsland for a funeral. They are the sookiest spaniels you ever did meet. They like being with you. Close to you.

And truly, I sleep better - as a general rule - at my aprents with them inside, because it's a big rattly old house and I trust the dogs ears to hear anything untoward.

But much as I love them and their cuddles, I'm not hosueistting without access to a double bed again!
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Aside from this post I haven't seen anything about this, but should you need new jeans etc, tomorrow at JeansWest sounds like the place to be as theya re apparently donating all profits to the Bushfire Appeal.
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I know and know of too many people affected by them.

I think one of the most heartbreaking stories I've heard was from my co-worker this morning, just off the phone from her mother. Her cousin's husband's mother had been helping out at a relief station all day and then headed off to give blood. She was sitting comfortablly at home,s tood up and said "i'm feeling..." and collapsed, dead instantly of a massive heart attack.
I realise that it's not as devastating as people who have lost everything in the fire, but it really affected me, that it wasn't fire related and that she'd been giving so much of herself to assist those who lost in the fire.

Family friends in King Lake saved their house. They are some of the lucky ones.

A distant cousin in Toolangi survived the fire going straight over her mudbrick home this morning, while her husband was off helping fight other fires. All teh outbuildings are gone but the house is ok. She let her horses loose and so far one has returned safe.

To mention just a few of the stories. There are more.

I think part of what effects me so strongly is that looking out the window, it's a nice looking day. I can see sunshine and at least partly blue skies. Have been able to since Sunday. It's hard to relate this to the hell that people are living. I feel like I should be able to see some evidence, as in other times of bushfires where a pall of amoke has hung across Melbourne etc. It's like an insulated bubble capsule and I'm finding it really hard.

My heart goes out to so many people. I will be donating blood. And old clothes and towels etc. It's what I can do. Though it feels like not enough.
Not for nearly 200 dead and 800+ homes.

I do have to say though, I am heartened by the response of the Victorian (and wider) community. It's appaling and horrifying that such a tragedy has occurred. But to know that there have been 13,000 blood donations, and nearly $10 million raised already, even aside from volunteers and donations of Non monetary items - including people opening up their spare rooms to fire victims - that's something that warms my heart after the situation has wrenched it so solidly.

And as Penguin2 mentions, think of the animals as well. There are so many of them now injured and helpless, domestic animals are homeless, farm animals and wildlife no longer have feed and habitat etc. All creatures great and small.

I worry about how this will impact our farmers, already doing things so tough in these wretched conditions. How many of them will decide that this is the last straw, that they can't rebuild, keep going etc. And what will that do to us? The chain of events just keeps unfolding. And the cost isn't just felt in lives and houses. Not to mention the further effects on the drought.

That said, may the arsonists burn. I will not shed a tear if they are among the victims. My only complaint will be that if they died in thwir own fire then no-one will know what they did. If only because those who suffer should know that the person responsible was dealt natural justice.

That any of this came about from deliberate malice...words fail me. I cannot comprehend. The scope of the devastation is hard enough to get my head around, let alone the cause.
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Well, coconut jelly at least.

I hadn't realised how easy it was to make - and I'm not sure the discovery will prove good for me!

I modified the recipe slightly, mostly because I don't believe in this 'light" coconut milk business!!! - though on reflection is might have been that the light stuff sets better. Oh and because I wanted extra fatty coconut cream :) And more coconutty goodness int eh form of flakes :)


1 x 400ml can Coconut Cream
1 x 400ml can Coconut Milk
35g gelatine
1 cup of cold water
1 cup of castor sugar
Moist coconut flakes.

Heat coconut milk in a saucepan over medium heat for 6 minutes or until hot (do not boil). Remove to a jug and cover to keep warm. Wash and dry saucepan.

Pour 1 cup cold water into saucepan. Sprinkle over gelatine. Heat over medium heat for 3 to 4 minutes, stirring, or until gelatine has dissolved. Pour in warm coconut milk. Add sugar. Heat, stirring, for 3 minutes or until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat. Set aside to cool.

Pour jelly into a 4-cup jelly mould or four 1-cup jelly moulds. Refrigerate for 4 hours or until set. Invert onto serving plate

Before pouring itno the mold, i added moist coconut flakes - not by measurement but until i felt I had enough spread through.

I also set mine in the freezer because I was in a rush. and am now keeping it in the freezer because cold really cold cocnutty goodness tastes divine!

Lastly I didn't bothrr with a mold, I put it in a container and handed out spoons :)

I'm thinking you could make this alcholic with malibu should you wish.

But I'm also thinking that pureed frozen raspberries would go really nicely!

On conflict

Feb. 7th, 2009 05:40 pm
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I'm going to preface this with the statement that it's not about anyone, it's not directed at anyone, it's just something I wanted to share.
Take from it what you will.
It reminds me of a similar post made by a friend recently brought on by thinking about Howard and The Apology.

Anyway, Erudito made a post recently about Levels of Response; A taxonomy offered to help folk sort reactions to hurt and trauma.

I found it an interesting read. I've read something similar, though I can't recall when or where. But something to keep in mind (for myself).

It makes me wonder what happens when both parties feel they have been wronged. That is where a lot of stalemates would come from I think. Yay differences in communication styles :(
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Where to start...

Well, in order to allow my delightful housemate access to a computer while she's here I decided to set up an account for her on my machine. That bti was easy. realising that rather than having to log out of all ym stuff to allow her to log on was going to drive me spare, I relaised this meant that I also needed to change my desktop manager.

Out with fvwm - shuddup everyone I like it :) - in with KDE. And I'll start out with saying that it's not that KDE is bad, it's just diffrent. And different in that it's more windows like. I figured out alst night that I prefer my linux stuff to be appreciably different from doze in form and function otherwise I get my behavioural expectation confused. that and, nerdy or not, I actually like command line based stuff vs gui. If I hadn't already had to hand in my not-a-geek card when i started running linux at home, that last would certainly do it.
Still, it is at least operational and I'm managing. It just makes me twitch occasionally. I can even see benefits. but I still twitch :)

And then I discovered why people say printing with linux is Satan. The device installs. It scans - thogh recommendations if good scanning software would be appreciated - it copies, it says it prints. Unfprtunately by prints it means it spews out repeated blank pages without engaging the inks at all, and only stops when you turn the printer off. For double extra bonus fun if you try the same test page through the web interface rather than the printer operations stuff it prints one blank page, then starts printing the test page, gets you all excited and then keeps printing...while stalling the paper feed. On neither of these occasions does it actually return an error. Head, meet desk.

Today's joy has been the wireless router. Which admittedly allows my hosuemaste to easily connecther laptop up and be done with it. However, despite my machine being connected via an ethernet cable, the connection drops out every 5 minutes and requires the hardware to be power cycled. In which case I stay stuff using the router unless my housemate is actually wanting the net at the same time as me. Default option is straight through the modem. Sod this for a joke.

Technology seems to be defeating me!
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Actually, I don't know what saved me.
In the process of cleaning, I jsut unplugged the extension cord my oil heater is plugged into, so I cna put it away given proper Summer has now arrived. The heater had been a bit dodgy the last couple of times I used it - it's old and I figued was wearing out.
But nothing rpepared me for unplugging the cords and finding the connection a melted black and brown ruin. Scary shit! I am incredibly lucky it did not cause a fire. The connecting plug has blackened metal pronbgs and melted palstic stuck to it. The socket of the extension cord is irretrievably damaged, burned and melte dbeyond and use. I can't describe it. But it gave me one hell of a shock to look at! The heater shall be going to it's final death, and I shall be grateful the circuit was killed rather than starting a fire.
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And not a drop to drink.

Saw my water bill today. The joys of a shared water meter. Our block of flats, split 6 ways, still has the usage for per flat at more than double the targetted usage :(

And yet in terms of usage it was still bloody cheap for 2 months. (I don't pay my water bill, it's part of my rent to my parents (shared meter meant not being able to get a separate acocunt in my name) so I rarely get a chance to actually see the details, but usage has always been cheap, hence incorporating, it)

Given I have no washing machine at present, and no dishwasher or airconditioner, that means my water contributions are showers, toilet flushings, dishes and washing my hands. I've also got not terribly powerful water pressure. Believe me, I'm not using anywhere close to that. Sigh. Makes me grumpy, but what can I do....

I suppose that's because I'm one person in the flat and I still pay 1/6th, despite most of the other flats being at a minimum of 3 people, an there are at least a couple where despite them being 2 bedrooms I think at least 4-6 people live there. But even so!
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Today was washing day. Cleaning day revealed piles of clothing most of which was at least dusty enough tow arrant washing. not to mentioned a laod of towels and washing my heavy winter blankets etc. My washing machine does not work (though soemtime in the next week a new-to-me one is going to arrive, posisbly as soon as tomorrow) and so the washing tends to build up somewhat aside from essential items. So today I put the beach thigns out nto dry on the balcony and carted laundry over to my parents where I proceeded to do 5, yes, 5 loads of washing. And such a good drying day it was that the first was dry by the time the 3rd went on, and 2 and 3 were dry by the time 4 went on. I approve. Even after the 'cool' change came through, the wind was still there, just from another direction; only on a day where the temp reached 40 can 28 be described as a cool change :)

Then I came home with my new-to-me television table and at some stage I shall make progress in moving it over. It's a little larger than I had thought which might make room layout ideas not so feasible. Will have to see.

Tomorrow is possibly morning delivery of washing machine, and taking away of washing machine and dryer, as well as getting leaking toilet and blocked basin fixed. Then dentist at 12. Then shopping for storage containers. Which emans tonight will also involve clearing the space I want to stack them.

Such domesticity!

Happy Daze

Jan. 19th, 2009 09:20 pm
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An evening at the beach with friends, the water cool and refreshing, the wind not too strong but enough to take the heat off the air, dinner of salad and chips and then coming home and having a gin and tonic with frozen raspberries on the balcony in the cool breeze, followed by a lovely cool shower.

Very nice.
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Further to my previous post, I can be found on InsaneJournal under Lirion, same as here.

Let me know who you are if you're there :)

It's been pointed out that some people aren't aware of the backstory here:
Basiclaly the company that now owns LJ sacked approximately 50% of the LJ staff recently, leading to some paranoia as to it's future... In the spirit of hoping for the best and preparing for the worse, I reserved a user name at Insane Journal, as well as making offline backups of this journal. Just in case.

So no, I won't be moving my content to IJ At This Point. Only if LJ does in fact die. But I'm being prepared :)


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