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I am in need of brandy for some cooking. I don't drink brandy. Therefore can someone please recommend a decent brandy that isn't too expensive. Due to trebling the recipe, I'm going to need quite a lot.

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Monteiths make really quite good beer. And yet the ebst description I can come up with for their cider is inoffensive. It's not bad it's jsut bland. IT's like the supermarket white bread of ciders.

On the other hand, Toohey's 5 Seeds is suprisingly drinkable and flavoursome. It's not my ideal cider by any means - and it bills itslef as the crisp dry cider when really it's a fruity draught, but nonetheless, it's gove flavour. And yet Toohey's beer...not so much.

Also the pricing of the 5 Seeds is broken. By the individual bottle it's 10c more than Mercury. Bu the 6 pack it's the same price. By the slab it's $7 more. WTF? And in bottles about 30ml less than the Mercury too. Borked.

That said, I'm all for there being more cider on the market. It's really nice to have more choice than just *cough* Strongbow, or Mercury.
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Of things I don't feel an overwheming need to try a second time...

Daddy's Night; A champagne cocktail.
- Champagne
- Irish Whiskey
- Creme de menthe.

Creme de menthe and chamaogne are not a good combiantion.
Creme de menthe and Irish Whiskey could work. If they'd godden the proportions right so that the former did not overwhelm the latter - creme de menthe is very potent, you don't need much taste wise. Amusingly they'd run out of the white creme de menthe and so it was a virulent green drink in a champagne flute.
And is it just me or should anything with 'night' in the name (I have no idead where the name comes from) have included black sambucca? Because you know, peppermint licorice could work... :)

They had another cocktail called a Stinger which was creme de menthe and brandy... next time Gadget!
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Well no, but if anyone happened to have a lazy $200 (or so...) lying around, tonight's premium whiskey tasting might just have given me a taste for Royal Salute. Oh My. Lip lickingly good.

I also discovered that Wild Turkey 101 is far more palatable than ordinary Turkey. And well, I'd already discovered Rare Breed.

The Chivas 18 year old wasn't so much my thing - I don't like the distinct signature Chivas taste, but the Salute doesn't have it, so it's all good really. And the taste defintiely matched well with the stunning blue cheese provided.

The were also the Jameson 12 and 18 year olds. *purr*

So about that bottle of Royal Salute, c'mon, you know I'm worth it ;)
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Having tried the 42 Below Honey Vodka this evening for the first time, I still swear by The Wild Bee as my preferred :)


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