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I sincerely look forward to the day when I can lean forward and not have my back go out. There is clearly a particular angle that my back just does not deal with. I'm not talking bending voer here, I was literally leaning forward a little bit to put some stuff on the table into my wallet. I was in the position for maybe 15-20 seconds, and then my back spasmed or something and there aws a sharp agonising flare of pain that ended with me on the floor. I crawled to the sofa and lay down for a bit. Then I attempted some stretches. Attempt being the word as they all hurt too much to perform. Even after the inital agony passed and I decided I was going to be able to go to work - this was in doubt for a while as I didn't know if I was going to eb able to mvoe, let alone walk - I'm still in significant pain 3 hours later.

Sitting at work is of course not doing good things :( Then again either is standing. Leaning just doesn't happen.

But before this, my back has been good for weeks, and even the occasional twinges I've had have been achy, nothing on this scale.

Sigh, and I was supposed to go to the gym tonight for cardio and then the Body Balance class - moves taken from Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi - especially FOR my back. But unless this settles down significantly, that ain't going to happen :(

Dammit! If I'd pushed things, done something stupid, that would be fine, but I leaned over! This is completely unreasonable! And it hurts, make it stop already!

What's worse is the gym is to try and amke it stronger, but Ic an't do that like this. Stupid recursive loops.


Sep. 3rd, 2008 06:02 pm
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Nerve block done this arvo.

Having a very bad reaction. Won't be around online. Some delightful people are coming to collect me and take care of me cos right now I'm in no fit state to do so myself.
Worst of the effects will hopefully settle overnight and full benefits kick in over a couple of days or so.
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Hooray pain killers, hooray gin. What a beautiful combination.

Before anyone makes dubious noises or faces in my general direction, I invite you to experience my back pain and then judge.

I jarred my back today merely by bending over wrong - I kid you not! - on top of the already existing pain. I'm sore to the left of my spine, down the front, back and side of my left leg, and down the side of my right leg. And intermittent muscles spasms and some tingling.

I have however had the MRI scan tonight, and I have the scans though i know not what they mean yet, they will fax the report over to my doc who I'm seeing tomorrow arvo.

So crossing of fingers. And cursing of medicare that the MRI scan isn't refundable. Ah well.

Now to find out when the nerve block is - hopefully Wednesday - so I can try and organise a lift.
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Because I certainly should be coloured it for today's effort. Or perhaps it's the universe's way of balancing the scales for my crap back...

Friday night, heading through Melbourne Central to grab a train home, not feleing very well due to my back being completely rooted (I'd put my neck and lower back out on two separate occasions and my entire back was locking up as a result of trying to cope), with nurofen, normally my saviour, a) blocking 80% of the pain at best and b) making me feel ill as I'd been on a fairly steady diet of it the last couple of days or so. Decided I should have some water and try and eat something. Don't manage so well and so stumble off to the train and stagger homewards. Get off the train and wonder why I'm suddenly chilly, only to start cursing when I realise I've left my jacket behind at the food court. Fuck and bother. For various reasons was unable to make it back in there over the weekend and had yesterday off work as a result of said back (had a marvelous massage on Saturday which went some way towards fixing the problem, however heading to Kyabrum and back in the one day a couple of hours after said massage was perhaps not advisable...). Today I called the nice people at Melbourtne Central and lo and behold ther was indeed a jacket in lost property. And when I went down at lunch it was idneed mine. Given I'd bought the jacket last Wednesday we can see how pissed I was at having lsot it. And how thirlled for having found it again.

Now if only my back can balance itself again as well.


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