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Jan. 19th, 2009 09:20 pm
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An evening at the beach with friends, the water cool and refreshing, the wind not too strong but enough to take the heat off the air, dinner of salad and chips and then coming home and having a gin and tonic with frozen raspberries on the balcony in the cool breeze, followed by a lovely cool shower.

Very nice.
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It must be Summer, the first beach trip of the season has been accomplished!

And it was glorious. Such refreshing water for the swimming in. And company. And stuff!

We'll ignore the bit about the mysterious itching attack on both my calves - and only my calves! - in the water that left me nearly scratching myself raw when i got out. And the submerged rock and the skin it took off knuckle of my big toe as I started up the hill again. Or the stupid stupid annoying, demented and deranged and plain bloody rude automated single toilet they have to service the beach and picnic area where previously they had a toilet block with 3 stalls for each gender, and a changing area as well, and which, as these things have been known to do, malfunctioned so no-one could get in. Grrrrrr!

Anyway, even taking into consideration these things, it was a lovely evening - they jsut couldn't comepte against the general high that is beach. I love the beachy goodness I do. 2 steps into the water and dive! dive! dive!, and feeling all the sweat and stress of the day scoured away by the saltiness.

More of it I say!
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That time of year where it gets really hard to actually have a cold shower because the water just doesn't get cold enough... *

What? Stop looking at me like that! I was trying to rinse my bathers and the water was warm dammit, warm. I had to check it was the cold tap. My cold rinse didn't fair much better... Damn that sun *wry smile*

That said, I had a lovely lovely time in the refreshingly chill water at the beach again today. Mmmm, rejuvenation.

*Ok, so it might just be me...


Sep. 19th, 2006 09:18 am
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It's going to be 28 degrees today!! 28! in mid September! (not that I should be surprised, every other season has arrived early this year).

Of course i'd be (even) more enthused about this fact if it came complete with sunshine. Rather than "Fine for most of the day with a strong to locally gale force northerly wind. A cooler, gusty westerly change in the evening with a little rain to follow."

North winds are yuck, they always taste like dust. And warm winds just feel wrong. But still, 28 degrees, things are looking up :)

Bring me my beaching weather!
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I don't care what calender system you are using, Summer starts for me with my first trip to the beach. And what with Melbourne's lovely weather of late - Oh look 30 plus degrees! With a late afternoon thudnerstormy change. No beaching after work then :( - this has not happened until today.

Finally! The water wasn't even that cold, it had been sitting under the nice warm sun all day until we got there at 3pm. It was also brilliantly clear. And it was delightful. There was much frolicing to be had. Absolutely lovely. Nae and I both agreed that words could not describe how good it felt, refreshing and invigorating and relaxing all at once and together :)

We spent an hour in the water swimmivg and boucing and diving down the the cold bottom. And floating, feleing all those muscles jsut give up and release supported by the gentle waves. Was all very peaceful. And yet I had so much energy in the water, running and jumoing and diving. I love the beach.

Before dragging outrselves out to lie on the sand in the late afternoon sun. And grabbed a last quick dip before we left. Of course, having been lying in aforementioned sun and getting ncie and warm again, the water was somewhat crisper this time around. But still wodnerful.

The beach is such an intrinsic part of me. It's a fix that I must have :)

Ther will be more beaching, hopefully quite a lot of it. Today just happened to be a perfect start :) And ther were barely any flies. the was a bit of a wind though, that may have been keeping them away somewhat.

And it was a perfect end to the (very busy) weekend really. A good weekend all round. Very social, much party goodness and am glad I made it to them. And a big thankyou to Thorf for prodding my recalitrant back into place on Friday night before I left, it made the rest of the weekend that much better :)

Now I'm all relaxed and happy and it's time for bed :) I'm tired from all that fresh salt air goodness.


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