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Best birthday I've had in several years. A weekend full of birthday goodness in fact. Thanks to everyone who came along to various stuffs, and cotnacted me to wish em a good one. It has seriously rocked.

Clubbing on Friday night, I knew about 90% of the people there which was very cool and made for a most excellent time. I danced my poor little feet off, my feet hated me the next day but eh :) I felt very old when one of my friends didn't recognise Hazy Shade of Winter, let alone Sisters of Mercy... Must remember that jsut because I can lace my corset fully clsoed doesn't mean Ic an dance in it like that - the whole restricted arm movement thing... :) But yes, I had a ball and it was a great start to a weekend of festivities.

Lunch with the parentals on Sat, woke up, had a V, wandered down and was promtly presented with champagne. I'm not good with champagne in the afternoon. And even less so on an empty stomach. It was followed by red wine with yumcha too, not generally a good combo, and even elss so with lunch... But yumcha goodness prevailed even if I did then have to have a nanna nap that arvo.

Mexican and margaritas on Sat night. Mmmmn, tasty!!! With good friends and covnersation.

Sunday's picnic plans went somewhat awry courtesy of the weather, stupid wind. But that's ok, I'll just have to have a picnic another time when the weather is likley to be a bit more reliable - it is Spring after all.
and Red Vault was a lot of fun. We took over a large section and there was drinking and chatting and antipasto and cheese - and more people than I was expecting. It was altogether a great afternoon and a great way to end a weekend full of birthday celebrating, well almost. Toddled off to see a late session of Stardust after things finished up at teh bar.

So yes, thankyou again to everyone who was a part of me having such a wonderful time of it, may I have more birthdays as good as this one has been.
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Am loving the sunny days and the blue skies I must say.
There was a lvoely garden(srt of) of blossom trees all blooming in pink and white with green shoots on Saturday. Just stunning.

I think I'd like Spring regardles of whether that was when my birthday fell too :)

Speaking of which, had a lovely day, thanks to all those who send wishes. Ha a lovely surpise in hearing from one of my half brothers. I haven't spoken to anyone on that side of the family in several years. It was completely out of the blue, but in a good way.

As for the day itself, had a fairly quiet dinner with just a few people - partly because it's easier to interact with people in small groups and aprtly because I didn't have the energy to organise anything else :) - and that was lovely. Good company and all that jazz... :) Didn't make it to Wallace and Grommet but might try for later this week on that front.
Don't know that I'll do anything else, too hard to organise - new weeks etc are already so busy ... So it's gone for another year...

Thanks to Sim informing me of a 2 for 1 ticket offer for Garabge on Wed night I bought myself a birthday present of going to see them. there was no way I could justify $90 but for $45 I was there in a heartbeat and had a great time. Excellent concert, great mix of old and new. I didn't stop dancing for the entirety of their 90 minute set - though the lack of people dancing was a bit disconcerting. Think I probably got a fee funny looks (and nearly set on fire by someone's cigarette too apaprently...) But no-one complained :)
The Forum was a really decent venue for it actually. Not least because it was well ventilated (as opposed to Hi-Fi *shudder*).
setlist for Garbage )

Then today having won a free ticket to a preview for Nightwatch I wandered off to that and ran into several people I knew (and got a much appreciated lift home too!). Good movie. Will want to see again at some point to reexamine some bits. There were a couple of moments of 'and then I was back int he cinema' - ie, breaking the immersion experience by pushing the suspension of disbelief barrier a bit far - but defintiely a very itnersting and well done film.

Saw the parentals last night, went out for dinner and got loot :)
Not the least of which being a massage coucher. Ah my mother can be so good to me :)
Now hopefully the Spring bouncing will motivate me to get serious about this job business as well. And much will be right with my world.


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