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There is something so comforting about rereading old book favourites. It's like a hug all tucke dup in between the covers, spread out over the time it takes you to read all the pages.

Somehow I find this even moreso with old childhood favourites. I cried over the end of Mates at Billabong last night - I remember crying the first time I read the scene, and last night it was the outlet I needed.
The Billabong books (Mary Grant bruce) were rereleased when I was about 12, and I recall I had them all at one point. I don't know where they went, but I feel the distinct urge to collect them all again now. There are only 15, and I've got some of those already.

And then today I reread one of the Abbey Girls series (Elsie J Oxenham). They were published about the same time as the Billabong books but that's about the only similarity. These are set in England, around the ruins of an abbey, rather than an Australian Cattle station.

However, on rereading it, it occurred to me that there were gaps in my knowledge of the characters; I used to pick up the odd Abbey book at 2nd hand bookstores, I ever had the whole collection.

So I went researching tonight, thinking it would be ncie to reread them too. And discovered there are 40 of them. 40! Now the question is, do I want them badly enough to collect them all? I'm kind of tempted I must say...
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I have a magical colour changing shirt... When is aw it in teh store, I love the deep olive green colour of it. I bought it, got it home, puilled it out...and ti was a rich chocolate brown. I stared at it for awhile confused then shrugged and decidedit was stilla ncie colour, if not the colour I'd originally desired and thT I msut have had some sort of vision malfunction. Until later that night...when it was back to olive green. What The...? Apaprently my top is sensitive to UV light - in natural light it's brown, under flurescent it goes green. I've not experienced this before...

I was thinking yesteray that I really need a hammer, or perhaps a needle, to reach that hard to get to "stop overthinking!" button in my brain. I'm told it's there, jsut inconveniently placed. Then it occurred to me that that thought was awfully close to a lobotomy... Yes, I'm a abd woman. And I'll take the overthinking.

Alos, I've suddnely gone from a dearth of new book I want to read being available to a flood. This is both good and bad. Yay for stuff I want! bah! Why can't the releases be staggered. There were something like 5 new books in series I've been waiting for that I saw on a cursory glance today! And while it's great that these come out now that I have $, I must practice tempration resistance and not buy them all at once! No matter how tempting it is to buy them all and lock myself up in my room for a hermit period of reading indulgence! And yes, theoretically I coul ration my buying, but then I worry that the books will sell out and I'll ahve trouble finding them.... Sigh.


Dec. 7th, 2008 09:46 pm
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For all my liking of urban fantasy and sassy female characters, I picked up Twilight to read the blurb and put it down vey carefully using only 2 fingers so as not to soil the rest of my hand. For all my weakness for trashy brain candy, this just sounds AWFUL! Shudder inducing awful.

However, people should read this review. the humour value is wonderful.
And all I have to say regarding the sex scene is I'll never look at Skittles the same way again - which is a real shame! review spoiler )

For anyone reading, or thinking of reading the books, don't follow the link, it's spoilerariffic. For everyone else it's great entertainment. So are the comments.

From the comments on said post comes tis link as well: Twilight makes for the best fanwank ever, which is also worth reading, and following the links from.

I think a lot can be explained by it being written by a Mormon - the term abstinence porn should be an oxymoron and yeah is surprisingly accurate here....

This is my opinion. If you like the books great. Providing you don't try and convert me. If you don't like the books, also great, and you'll probably get far more entertainment out of the links above. I like plenty of things other people don't and dislike a lot that other people do. This doesn't make either them or me bad people. It's just not to my taste. This is allowed. Wouldn't the world be a boring place if we were all the same etc etc. I am not going to apologise for holding the opinion that To My Mind, this would give me indigestion. but hey, just cos I am lactose intolerant doesn't mean I'm going to bitch if other people drink milk!
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You know you've been reading too much fantasy when you can't sleep for dreaming of demons. They weren't nightmares exactly, more like actiona dventure storeis involving people I know some of who'm were demons or half demons and we were tracking them down or something. I kept waking up. And then, oddly for me, falling back into the same dream. Or at least the same dreamworld with similar events. It was entertaining at least. And served to keep me warm. how I managed to achieve being too hot last night is a bit beyond me, but better than the alternative.

Speaking of reading, I've never understood calling books different things in different countries - unless it's a cultural reference thing. But in this case, we have Where Demons Dare (UK) vs The Outlaw Demon Wails (USA) Why??? (And you can quit mocking my choice of reading material, I freely admit it's brain candy, but I enjoy it :)). It's bad enough that they are both available here, but neither book references that it is a different edition of the other. And indeed, the author's website only mentions The Outlaw Demon Wails. *shakes head* The bookstore guy couldn't tell me either, from his system - he didn't have a copy of the other in stock for me to compare.
I went with Where Demons Dare fuguring I'd track down an answer. And because you know, it's paperback vs the hardback The Outlaw Demon Wails and no matter how entertaining, I'm not spending $55 on it. Especially not when I can buy it in paperback at the same time for less than half that. Some books are (arguably these days, as the price keeps getting obscene) worth harcover or tradepaperback prices, though i rarely indulge in same, but brain candy isn't. Even if I do prefer the cover art.

On a related note, I object to publishers deciding that the 6th book in a series is a great time to start releasing in hard cover first. Grrr.
I'm sureb it's not doing wonders for their sales and I wonder if that's why there is no mention that they are the same book, though the bookseller was a bit surprised that there wasn't saying there should be if it was same book different name.

Now, my grammar nerd friends. Talk to me about empathic vs empathetic. because the latter keeps cropping up in my reading, and I was always brought up with empathic. is is a whacky American vs English thing? I understnad that we have sympathy -> sympathetic, hence empathy to empathetic, but it still makes me twitch somewhat. Maybe because empath is in itself a noun, whereas there is no such thing as a sympath. Regardless, is one right and one wrong? Do tehy both ahve merit? Is it a word root thing that that results in sympathy and empathy not following the same pattern? Enquiring minds want to know...
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Having reviewed my reading habits over the last little while I've come to the conclusion that I've imbibed so much brain candy I should be in a diabetic coma :)

Time to review my reading nutritional plan methinks, cos the fluff just isn't satisfying the craving to really sink into a book. Fun though they are, they need to be rationed.

Edit -

I know why I've been reading so much fluff, work is leaving me pretty braindead, as has over socialising, so I'm wanting light escapism that I don't really have to think about, just enjoy. But at the same time, I am desirous of substance dammit. I've been doing plenty of sudoku and various word games for brain starch, but it doesn't hit the right spot.
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Or should that be put you down?

Brain candy, like other varieties of same, can keep you up all night. Or at least until you finish it. I picked up the latest Kerry Greenwood, 'Devil's Food' last night, and curled up and read it. Her stuff is light but fun, very enjoyable reading. I think overall I preferred the first two Corinna novles - this was almsot a shade too light, though I still didn't put it down until I'd finished it - somewhat alter than I'd intended going to sleep. And then wondered why I slept in this morning... But my head's ina ebtter space for reading an enjoyable book so it's not a loss.

~Life is crazy
Candy baby~


Jul. 18th, 2005 05:49 pm
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Mostly as a reminder to self when I next run out of things to read :)
However, please feel free to make suggestions, I need new ideas for reading material.

A list of books I want. But I'm waiting for them to either come out in small paperback or to go on special. Or in some cases just haven't bought yet.

Some of these are new books by authors I've previously enjoyed, some are books I've picked up that looked interesting but i haven't felt like paying trade paperback prices for them.

And I'm sure there are more than what I've listed here, will keep adding as I remember.

Books are a very expensive habit.

Jennifer Fallon - Warlord
Janet Evanovich - 11 On Top
Karen Slaughter - Indelible
Robin Hobb - Shaman's Crossing
Jacquelline Carey - Banewreaker
Kate Forsyth - The Shining City
Anne Bishop - Sebastian (released Jan 2006)
Elizabeth Moon - Remnant Population
S.E. Hinton - Hawkes Harbour
Trudi Canavan - Preistess of the White (Nov 2005)
Submission - Marthe Blau
The Almond Picker - Simonetta Agnello Hornby
The Secret History of the Pink Carnation - Lauren willig
Garden of Venus - Eva Stachniak
The Painted Kiss - Elizabeth Hickey
Sunset and Sawdust - Joe R Lansdale
Call to the Hunt - Steven E. Wedel
Ecstacia - Francesca Lia Block
Smoke and Shadows - Tanya Huff
The Secrets of Jin-Shei - Alma Alexander
Trudi Canavan - The Last of The Wilds
Santa Montefiore - The Gypsy Madonna
Jeanne Kalogridis - Painting Mona Lisa
Patricia Briggs - Moon Called
Carrie Vaughn - Kitty and the Midnight Hour
Tanya Huff - Smoke and Ashes
Tamora Pierce - Terrier
Kat Richardson - Greywalker
Janet Evanovich - Motor Mouth
Jacqueline Carey - Kushiel's Scion
Charlaine Harris - Definitely Dead
Kelly Armstrong - No Humans Involved
Kelly Armstrong - Exit Strategy
Diana Pharaoh Francis - Path of Fate
Patricia Briggs - Blood Bound
Emma Darwin - The Mathematics of Love
Rosa Mundi - Vocational Girl
Mark Gatiss - The Vesuvius Club
Danielle Wood - Rosie's Little Cautionary Tales for Little Girls
Sara Donati - Queen of Swords
G.W. Dahlquist - The Glass books of the Dream Waters
Faith Hunter - Blood Ring
Dates from hell - Anthology
Kim Harrison - The Outlaw demon Wails (March 2008)
Holidays are Hell - anthology (November 2007)
Rachel Vincent - Stray
Jacqueline Carey - Kushiel's Justice
Charlaine Harris - Grave Surprise
Charlaine Harris - An Ice Cold Grave
Many Bloody Returns - Anthology
Charlaine Harris - Sweet and Deadly
Laura Childs - Blood Orange Brewing
Laura Childs - Dragonwell Dead
Susan Wittig Albert - Thyme of Death


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