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Since Tuesday, there has been a plate of various chocolates 2 feet from my desk. It keeps getting replenished as it runs out - which, as you might guess, is often :) And yet, not once in the last three and a half days ahve I indulged. And not because of any "Oh I shouldn't, I'm on a diet" type of behaviour, but ebcause I hoenstly haven't been tempted, at all, by any of it. I even cotnributed a box of Ferrero Rocher to the cause because they were just sitting on my desk not getting consumed.

I know I've always been more of a savoury than a sweet fiend but this is still pretty amazing! I didn't even indulge in the home made chocolate brownies from another co-worker the other day... No inclination.

On teh subject of savoury however, I found this article, The mood-food connection from a couple of months ago quite interesting, specifically the paragraphs

"Despite the low-carb craze, most people recognise that carbohydrates are a necessary part of a healthy diet. Along with her colleagues, Wurtman, who also directed the women's health program at MIT's Clinical Research Centre, found that when carbohydrates are withheld, the brain stops producing serotonin.

"This is the chemical that elevates mood and suppresses appetite and only carbohydrate consumption naturally stimulates its production," she says. "When serotonin is made and becomes active in your brain, its effect on your appetite is to make you feel full before your stomach is stuffed and stretched. Serotonin is crucial not only to control your appetite and stop you from overeating; it's essential to keep your moods regulated.""

It might explain why I have a tedancy to binge on biscuits etc rather than sweets.

Another Mood Food Article is also interesting.
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*raises hand* That would be me.

Last night when leaving work and vaguely tidying my desk, I put my chocolate out of the way in an accessible but not intrusive palce.

Upon going to reach for it just now I realised exactly where I'd put it and why it wasn't the smartest thign I've ever done...

Computers get warm mmkay? So placing the chocolate on tope of it, udnerneath the monistor stand... yeah, not well thought out. And while melted Haighs milk peppermint chcolate tastes great, getting it out of the plastic wrap is a bit troublesome :)

it's a very chocoalte kind of day. In fact, probably week.


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