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...IE is functioning better than Firefox.

Has anyone else experienced issues with Gtalk and Firefox recently.
Running Firefox 3 currently, upgraded in order to try and resolve the issue and clearly it did not work.

I have a gtalk session logged in through both IE and Firefox and only the FF one keeps losing it's connection so clearly it's not Gtalk itself.

Yes I will probably download Opera or Chrome at some stage in the near future so I don't have IE memory hogging everything, but I'm curious as to whether it's an isolated issue...

At my parents place so not my normal machine

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WTF? Wandered into the study this morning to find all my programs closed, and VIA RAID on the screen. That's not what it was like at about 1.30am when I was last up here because I couldn't sleep.... Looks like things might have gone away about 3.30am...

I'm a little creeped out by this. I didn't even know what Via RAID was, let alone that it was on this machine, so what's going on please....


Dec. 27th, 2007 10:28 pm
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I has a working Linux box!
(I should also stop talking like a lolcats)

Despite my best efforts, Windoze virused on me the other day - well, not that my virus or spyware software think so, but Zone Alarm stopped initializing mysteriously and if I'm net connected the task bar and task manager freeze up and die and after a bit so does everything else until I need to hit the rest button. All bad really. Conincidentally this occurred as we were trying to make Linux go on the other partition. *cue spooky music*

Regardless, tonight thanks to the kindly assistance of one D, Debian it does not only run, but it talks to my modem as well. Yaaaay. mmm give me my fix of internettage.

It's been a long time since I've used a linux box, and I've still got some teething issues to work through. Name;ly I'm really missing my alt+tab ability at present. But I'll adjust, it's all good.

And at some point I've still go to blow about the old doze and reinstall it. After backing shit up.

But now, I believe I have several scrabble games to catch up on...
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Javascript can go fist itself.

Right after anyone who uses this particular little tool does, preferably with something akin to a pitchfork.

Why would you install an application that prevents you from right clicking on links in a webpage? Instead I get an ugly little pop up with of all things a Copyright message.

so what you are saying you stupid moron is that you want to put links in your apge - some of which give context to what youa re talking about, and some for general interest - but you are going to prevent people from easily opening them in a new window, so they ahve to leave your page to follow said link.

What would possess you to be so idiotic as to implement this? One assumes it has a legitamate use, one equally assumes this is not it's intended purpose. So how about keeping your twitchy fingers away from things you don't understand huh?

How exactly is this a feature????

It does not make your page easier to read. In fact it distracts me from said reading because I ahve to elave said page to gain the context youa re referring to? This does not best please me!



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