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Ah catharsis, found this night in the sheer energy of live music. I danced until I couldn't feel my legs any more (if only that last bit had still been in effect when I was staggering upstairs to home). And my back, right between my shoulderblades felt like ti was glowing with heat. Not in a bad "ew hot and sweaty" way, but a comfortable warmth to bask in.

Angel Theory were better than I've heard then before, and i danced solidly to the 45 minutes or so of their set that I caught. I got there and started dancing basically - Did not pass go, did not say hello, just danced until I was getting to the point of maybe being able to cope with being vaguely social again. Worked a charm I tell you, My mind cleared and muscles relaxed. Thump music, I do love thee. Good for giving massages to as well, incidentally.

Then Assemblage 23. Oh my. I danced, and then I danced some more. Mm catharsis. I think there was one song in their entire set I didn't dance to. However, when I lost feeling in my legs I lost it to the point of not being able to find the rhythm, despite it being a nice thumping driving beat. Nup, legs could not co-ordinate it, so I'm sure I looked like a spazmatron. Eyes closed to half formed patterns, drawing you in as though there was meaning if only you could decipher it. Music forming answers to questions you never knew you asked.

I love losing myself in music. Must do it more often. And I feel so damn good for it. So much better than earlier. and to think I came so close to not making it out. I have of course, danced myself awake now, certainly out of the fugue of exhaustion that's being plaguing me. Think it reset the settings on my very run down social batteries.

And now, I must shower. And dampen a tshirt for lying in front of my fan.
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Grrrrr. Combichrist concert tonight. Well. The music was good. Shame about the people. If I could have belted approximately 8 out of 10 people in my genral vincinty at any given time in the head, I'm sure the night would have been drastically improved. Worst crowd ever for sheer rude, obnoxious behaviour. Which made it hard to actually get into the music too, because every time I was getting there, someone else shoved into me, past me, or in an attempt to claim the space I was currently occupying. I started keeping my elbows strategically positioned at 'kidney' height of the average person. In the end I gave up and bailed from the dancefloor about 3/4 of the way through Combichrist's set. It was that or lose my temper completely, and this way I could go sit down - it's not like there was room to move, let alone dance anyway - and lsiten to the music with less fuckwits around. And it wasn't just me, a group of us were all well and truly fed up. I've never bene that glad to leave an event before. If I'd stayed to 'interact' any further I'm reasonably sure I would have lost it, somehow, and entertaining as that might have been for spectators...

I wish you could somehow vet the concert crowd at time of buying the ticket... I've never been in a crowd like it. I'm putting some of it down to just too many different cultires liking the same band and clashing, but even so... Blah. Was a shame. I don't think you could have gotten me drunbk enough to find the behaviour tolerable. And don't get me wrong, there were polite, friendly people there, it's jsut that they were the minority. Push, shove, no please or thankyou, no niceties, much bruising. Bleh.

Never let it be said I ahve no self restraint... Ah well, live and learn.


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