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Well, my knees really.

Last night clarified for me that a single bed is not big enough for me and 1 spaniel, let alone 2 of them.

And it was the smaller one who managed to push me out of bed during the night.
So I moved to the other bed, where the larger spaniel promptly jumped up on me and amde sleeping there hard as well.

Sigh. Fail.

I was looking after my parents dogs as they are up in Gippsland for a funeral. They are the sookiest spaniels you ever did meet. They like being with you. Close to you.

And truly, I sleep better - as a general rule - at my aprents with them inside, because it's a big rattly old house and I trust the dogs ears to hear anything untoward.

But much as I love them and their cuddles, I'm not hosueistting without access to a double bed again!
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Dammit dog, could you not have managed to throw up inside BEFORE the cleaner came, rather than on the nice clean carpets? - within 10 minutes of the cleaner leaving at that! - and that's leaving aside the option of throwing up outside, or at least on a non-carpeted surface (again, preferably before being cleaned)

*shakes head* Gah!
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This whole 'feed a cold, starve a fever' thing? Really hard to feed a cold when said cold has completely killed your sense of smell. I can wave open bottles of perfume under my nose at the moment and not smell anything. Hence, trying to muster an appetite? Not happening so much. No smell, no taste. mm, tasty tasty cardboard, no, wrong texture, sodden cardboard maybe, etc etc. Gets old fast.

Also, have you any idea how hard it is to enjoy a nice relaxing bath with two very anxious spaniels hovering over you and whining? it's very distracting and does not enhance the ambience. I understand that they intensely dislike being bathed themselves (having had two in 4 days no doubt enhancing this), and so can't comprehend voluntarily submerging yourself in the pool of water, but really... it was pathetic! Sweet, but nonetheless pathetic :)
At least when I shower they just flop on the bathmat or my clothes and patiently wait until I get out and then try and lick my legs dry. Which is very caring of them. Or maybe there is no water so sweet as freshly skinned, so to speak ...:)

Also, been meaning to say for awhile, chocolate vodka + cherry jelly = alcoholic cherry ripe in jelly form. Oh, WOW!!! So good!
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The dogs are mostly settling back in well. When I'm home they won't let me out of their sight, following me from room to room - this includes the toilet. If I lock them out they scratch it to hell and whimper, whine and howl. If I leave it open one or both will either a) stick their heads round the door, make sure I am in fact there and flop outside to wait, or b) decide that as I'm sitting it's an ideal time for a cuddle. Enthusiastically. Sigh. Silly puppies. but I love them.
About 1 in 3 meals if I walk away while they are eating, they stop eating and follow me. So I have to stand with them until they finish, unless it's just as I am about to go out in which case I can put them outside with their food. Slight abandonment issues going on here.

Many thanks to the various folk who are assisting me with walking them etc.

And on the personal front, I am sick. Sick in fact as the got it, dog.
As DamienW put it, my throat feels like I'm gargling razorblades. Factor in coughing so hard that I started throwing up, as well as all the other associated bits and pieces of a cold/flu viral thing and you have a miserable me. Not to mention a snarky one when I remembered that cold and flu drugs these days don't come with pseduoephdrine as standard. Which I wouldn't mind so much if the replacement actually worked. but as it's about as effectual as sticking my head under a tap, it leaves me somewhat grumpy. Which isn't to say I don't appreciate them being picked up for me, just grumpy that they Do. Not. work! Running like a damn tap until I got hold of some proper stuff today. Stupid tossers who got rid of the stuff.

Thanks again to various folk who have done medication runs for me, are cooking for me and have helped me with dishes and laundry. All these little things that I am incapable of right now.
I hate being sick. I particularly hate this type of sickness which leaves me miserable and whiny.

Not to mention that I received a BPAL order today and I can't smell any of it! Tragedy!

In brighter news I was jogging for tram after doctor this arvo - I was in no mind to wait 20 minutes or more to the next one - and realised that my jeans are really too big for that to work these days. Luckily I was wearing a long top is all I say cos they slid to homie style low riding....
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After much in the way of running around yesterday - by both phone and physically - my dogs are safe home at my parents with me.
I knwo I already said I couldn't look after them but it's not terribly long and at least they won't be found on the bloody Highway in this case.

Couldn't get hold of the breeder all day. The lovely woman with the dogs called me about midday and Nae very kindly drove me to Carrum Downs and back, with a stop off at the pet shop with the hydrobaths on the wy home because whatever they'd managed to find to roll in, it stank. And my msotly white dog was suddenly mostly yellow/brown. It took two washes each to get them both clean.

And while I was fine slightly bent over to wash them, I stood up and caught my back. badly enough that I can't actually stand up straight yet. Sigh. I may have to throw a shout out there for help walking them.

Yesterday was the day U'd set aside as a day of rest as I'd been out every night for the last 10 days and I was running on empty.

The breeder called back at about 6pm yesterday and told me how sick with worry she'd been feeling. She'd been at a dog show all day and apparently the dogs had dug out...

Oh well the dogs were utterly ecstatic to see me. Of course, not having heard from the dman breeder I'd left messages on my parnets phones asking if the dogs were on any medication etc that I needed to know about to take care of them.

Just got off the phone with them. The F-bomb got dropped on a number of occasions by both parents. I had said it wasn't urgent. But when they wanted to know why I needed to know about the dogs, well, the short version of the sordid little tale came out. I did emphathise that the dogs weren't injured and that I'd take care of them. I'd have preferred not to worry them, but.... It was predicted that they would hit the roof and indeed they did.

Exciting times. But, at least they are safe home. I do feel much better for that.
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As the parentals are away and I have neither the time nor the energy to care for 2 dogs (not least the fact of them needing 2 walks every day), they are off staying with the breeder for the duration.

Now, perhaps it's just me, but I am of the opinion that the first I hear of the dogs going missing should not be because someone is (luckily!) staying down at the beach house, whose number is also on the dogs tags, who is calling me because some lovely young woman just called to say she picked up the dogs running on th road! At least this time, yes scarily enough, not the first time, the person didn't need to save them from going under a truck :( (and yes last time as well I got the phone call because parents were away, my number is listed at the beach house and someone called the beach house)

I haven't called the breeder yet. I came over to my parents to get her phone number to give to the friend at the beach house for when the person with the dogs calls back (convoluted much?), and they will hopefully arrange things between them.

Regardless though, I would have appreciated a damn phone call. And it's professional too since I am clearly going to find out when people pick up the dogs.

Makes me wonder if it's happened before and she's found the dogs before anyone else and so hasn't told my folks. Trying to figure out if I should call her (parents away for another 10 days) and if so, say what... Express my displeasure certainly, but, sad to say, I'm in no position to take them either :(


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