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Last night I had a nightmare that I was late for my VCE maths exam... And then when I got there I couldn't find maths Methods listed anywhere, and it took me aaaaages to realose ti was now called Maths Minchins. And when I finally got in and got a seat it was an open book exam but I didn't have my textbook. I had a literature novel however. This was also one of those dreams where I woke up and then fell abck into,a nd it replayed. On one of the replays I was also late for my literature exam as well - this might have been because I woke up thinking, "why maths?". It sounds so minor here but it went on for hours and I woke up extremely stressed from all my dream tension. Sigh.


Nov. 24th, 2008 07:16 am
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The relevant bit was that people, moi included, were running away across the plain trying to find pools of hot springs to jump into and die (because despite being pleasantly warm temporarily they heated up and boiled you!) to escape the stormtroppper army.

Yeah I don't get my subconscious either :-)

The dream started out ok enough, no gory killing scenes, then it mutated and then the storm troopers arrived, clomping around in their white suits. Though watching them run was entertaining.

What's really disappointing is that I woke up before the massive lava eruption that was building from so many storm troopers ending up in one of the pools - it was causing this huge pressure underground to another pool thatw as rising steadily and set to explode into geysers and lava. And then I woke up! Bah! Humbug!
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Had one of those eerily real dreams last night. Deeply embedded in the subconscious. It was a dream I'd thought I'd forgotten, until someone made a chance comment this afternoon and I suddenly realised I'd spent the day believing a truth from my dream. It was a bit startling. It wasn't something I'd thought about all day, just something I'd accepted had happened at some point over the last few weeks or months. Was really quite disconcerting trying to shift mental gears. Was jarring to have one comment suddenly open up hidden dream memories and try and separate them out.

I'll often have dreams that seem real at the time and then I wake up and know it's not. or dreams where I wake up remembering and believing it. But this is the first where I hadn't realised I'd had, let alone recalled a dream, but had retained a belief from said dream.


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