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While I remember.

Involved wandering the back streets of I think Prahran with R and fining not one, but several pool halls tucked away. unforunately msot of them looked either sleazy or unsafe for 2 femmes to enter alone. So we wandered up to high St to find a pub we could place bets on the Melbourne Cup at. Cue some insanity of going through the paper trying to find the horses - we found a apge that had all the information on the jopckeys but not the horses nad there was a lot of back and forthing. But we got there in teh end and abcked 4 horses each

Then we met up with my family for lunch at the pub and then they wanted to place their bets and somehow I forgot i'd already bet and backed another 2 horses.

And then we were taking the tram heading somewhere to watch the damn cup, except something happened and the tram started trying to go udnerground like a submarine in the pouring rain so we all had to get out. And it happened to be outside my old school so we went towards it and R decided we should go in throguh the computer labs and it was her favourite teacher in there so we gave some sort of presentation, soaked to the skin as we were, to her class of non English speaking Asian girls. My fmaily disappeared from the dream as we entered the classroom.

Anyway, we dried off and headed back to the pub because we'd missed the cup but we stillw anted to know if we'd won anything. We accidentally missed our stop and ended up outside my old house from when I was 4. And the place next to it - it was one of those houses with a wall down the middle so to make 2 - had beds piled up in the carport with cardboard boxes lining the walls for extra insulation from next door. Anyway the people living next door invited us in and asked if we'd won on the cup and we cursed having missed ti and explained why and they went to fidn the youtube clip of the race for us and invited us in, explaining they ahd extra beds cos they'd jsut mvoed in together and one of themw as allergic to ahrdwood which is why the bed was in the carport, complete with a sign to the landlord (who lived next door) that it wasn't to be taken away.

And then i woke up, still not having found out if I won on the race! :)
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Well let's see...

My ability to injure myself apaprently knows no bounds. I stepped off the back step at my parents place last night and when my foot came down unevenly I tripped on the brick and went sprawling ass over tit, managing not only to graze both palms, both knees, bruise one ankle and the opposite hip, but to slam my head into the end of (in)conveniently located wheelbarrow handle at quite some force :(
No, I don't know how I do it either. it's a talent. I'd say it was my secret special superpower, but if that was the case I'd be applying for a new one with better benefits :)

Today I elarned that 18 cans of coke is really quite heavy when you are walking back from the shopps with it :) - it's not that long a walk but the box was awkward and getting heavier.

Also, if I'm sleeping and yet dreaming about not sleeping, it's really not as restful as one could hope. mmm dreams about insomnia, thanks brain!
Last night I dreamed I was pregnant - given how many people I know are or have been this year I suppose it's not entirely surprising!
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You know you've been reading too much fantasy when you can't sleep for dreaming of demons. They weren't nightmares exactly, more like actiona dventure storeis involving people I know some of who'm were demons or half demons and we were tracking them down or something. I kept waking up. And then, oddly for me, falling back into the same dream. Or at least the same dreamworld with similar events. It was entertaining at least. And served to keep me warm. how I managed to achieve being too hot last night is a bit beyond me, but better than the alternative.

Speaking of reading, I've never understood calling books different things in different countries - unless it's a cultural reference thing. But in this case, we have Where Demons Dare (UK) vs The Outlaw Demon Wails (USA) Why??? (And you can quit mocking my choice of reading material, I freely admit it's brain candy, but I enjoy it :)). It's bad enough that they are both available here, but neither book references that it is a different edition of the other. And indeed, the author's website only mentions The Outlaw Demon Wails. *shakes head* The bookstore guy couldn't tell me either, from his system - he didn't have a copy of the other in stock for me to compare.
I went with Where Demons Dare fuguring I'd track down an answer. And because you know, it's paperback vs the hardback The Outlaw Demon Wails and no matter how entertaining, I'm not spending $55 on it. Especially not when I can buy it in paperback at the same time for less than half that. Some books are (arguably these days, as the price keeps getting obscene) worth harcover or tradepaperback prices, though i rarely indulge in same, but brain candy isn't. Even if I do prefer the cover art.

On a related note, I object to publishers deciding that the 6th book in a series is a great time to start releasing in hard cover first. Grrr.
I'm sureb it's not doing wonders for their sales and I wonder if that's why there is no mention that they are the same book, though the bookseller was a bit surprised that there wasn't saying there should be if it was same book different name.

Now, my grammar nerd friends. Talk to me about empathic vs empathetic. because the latter keeps cropping up in my reading, and I was always brought up with empathic. is is a whacky American vs English thing? I understnad that we have sympathy -> sympathetic, hence empathy to empathetic, but it still makes me twitch somewhat. Maybe because empath is in itself a noun, whereas there is no such thing as a sympath. Regardless, is one right and one wrong? Do tehy both ahve merit? Is it a word root thing that that results in sympathy and empathy not following the same pattern? Enquiring minds want to know...
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Recent dream, Some of them want to confuse you, some of them want to be confused...

A group of us were heading somewhere. On the way to somewhere it was decided that we needed to swing by D's office for something (I know there were specifics of the some's at the time, but it's amazing what the peal of the morning alarm does for recall ability) and so off we toddled. After awhile D and I had outstripepd the others, walking at stupidly fast pace and were now walking along a sandy path in the scrub. Which was now located on the face of a sandstone cliff overlooking a fantastic bay view, apparently Monash either got relocated or Clayton grew a beach. (said view I'm fairly sure was a montage of several of S's recent photos of greece) The desks/cubicles were open air and cut into overhangs that jutted from the cliff face and were kinda stacked on top of each other (electricity? who needs electricity?), we waved and chatted to his workmates as we made the descent to his station to collect whatever, as the others finally trooped in behind us.

Then we started to elave and the caves were no longer his work, but there were teenagers in them from somewhere, making a mess and looking for somewhere to fool around, and we called out to them that they werne't allowed to be there, hadn't they seen the "No Snacking" (?) sign. There was a discussion where the teenagers got arrogant and surly but finally turned to leave. The lifted the door, and it was a double garage door sized Marilyn Manson cd cover... And so we got talking about Manson as we noticed that allt eh doors were made out of his cds, and we got tot he one we wnared which was a double album that ahd D ad A waxing lyrical as it was his spiritual, instrumental album dedicated to Jess (who was really Dita Von teese but apprently she was called Jess), and it started out gently and beutiful and then detriorated into sociopathic agnst and chaos as he got mroe and more obssessed with her...

At which point my alarm went off. And I'm surprised I remember even that much of it...

And more recent adventures in dream world involved me imeprsonating a cat and climbing a tree. I was sitting up there talking to someone across the way (who i think might also have been up a tree, I don't recall). Anyway, i was up there for ages, hours, reading and talking and perching. And then I couldn't get down. I'd used a ladder to get up as there were no convenient lower brnaches. And now the ladder was gone. It was visible but it wasn't accessible. And, like a cat I started to fret and panic, working ymself up into a right state, panicking because I couldn't get down. Eventually someone came out and oved the ladder over for me. At which point I woke up in the throes of an anxiety attack. That was distinctly strange. And was in the middle of the night. Took me awhile to figure out what I'd been fretting over when I woke up in the morning.
Not ideal...
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I don't knwow hat I was dreaming last night - indeed I have no recollection of my dreams at all - but whatever it was I tossed and turned enough that I have a pulled muscle in my right side, as well as one in my left calf apaprently - the one in my calf feels like it might be the aftermath of a cramp, but I'd be surprised if I slept through a cramp, never having done so before.

Energetic sleeping apparently, and an impressive effort :)


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