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Coca Cola have released an energy drink called mother. The logo looks like to should be a biker gang's tatto emblem. I get the feleing it's intended to compete more against Red Bull than V maybe - more macho and all... Well in appearance if not description... THough I have to laugha t the fact that any energy drink can be marketed as 'low gi'...

It's sitting on my desk waiting for my next round of yawning before I actually try it.

And never again shall I drink of the mother. Ew.
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In theory, Berry flavoured V would be great - I like ebrries, I like V, good combination. But something about it doesn't quite work for me. I think Thorf's right, you can tell where they've left the flavour slot open for it to be mixed with vodka, to compete with the red bull market at night clubs. And it needs the spirit to cut through some of the stickiness. i think that's it. Though the flavour is slightly off as well. Not as bad as Black V (*shudder*) but... And there is the fact that I cant drink it fast. At all. Normal V I can down in seconds, this I can't manage more than a mouthful or 2 at a time. And that's just wrong! :) My mouth feels sticky and I'm more thirsty than I was...

EDIT - I've figured it out. It tastes like nutrasweet! That metallic tang to the flavours. And also a similar dryness to the mouth afterwards that some diet drinks have (or used to, I avoid them wherever possible). I'm fairly sure it's not, it's certainly not amrketed as a diet drink, but the flavour really is reminiscent...
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Don't try the cola flavoured Speed, it's vile. The raspberry ont eh other hand is nice. And effective.
I'm sure the cola is effective too, but, ew. the lime was a bit weird too as I recall from the other day...

Hmm, maybe too effective. I dunnot that two bottles in a short space of time was an altogether well thought out idea...


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