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In a boost to my ego yesterday, 2 people I haven't seen in awhile both commented the weight I've lost. Yay!
One was a workmate who's been away for 5 weeks who walked up to me said "Hell, you've lost weight! Lots!" which was flattering.
Another was lunch with a friend where the "You've lost weight" made it in to about the second sentence, after the hugs and hellos :)

Is nice that other people are seeing it too. Was starting to feel like I was the only person who noticed. So some verification helps, particularly with the followup comments from both people - all unprompted - that I'm looking good for it.

So happy me. Size isn't everything I know but I have been making some efforts of late, and some of my clothes are literally dropping off me, so it is good to know that it's not all in my head, that yes it's real and noticeable :)
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"How long have you had that outfit and why don't you wear it more often?"
"It arrived today"

Seemed a good enough reason to me that it hadn't been seen before...

It can definitely be said that the new corset was a success :-) I had strangers come up and tell me how good it looked. Quite aside from those I actually knew, who were most vocal (and visual) in their appreciation ;) Huzzah! Compliments all round, i win!

And I had a great night, much good music and dancing, and the club patrons were 90% people I knew, and lots of people were off at the Cab no opening so there was plenty of room to move. And they had sloe berry vodka, mmm, tasty.

I wore my tapestry boots, which I love. And they are very comfy, but even so, my feet are complaining as to the amount of dancing I did. But it was all worth it. I stayed much longer than I thought I'd manage given how tired I was at the outset too. and now, I sleep.


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