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Tonight's update.
I'm posting here so I don't forget, have a record of progress, and to keep me motivated.

feel free to skip exercise details )
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I made it to the gym after all.

Cut for thos not interested in my gymness :) )

Overall I feel pretty good right now :) I'm glad I went certainly.

Also, another day for random work people telling me I've lost weight so yay.
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The Lindt limited edition Milk Chocolate with natural minty flavour is seriously good. Nyum! My only problem with it is that it's too moreish :) Whereas the 60% Cocoa Lindt balls - also evilly good - are bitter rich enough that I only ever want one at a time, and generally no more than one a day, the milk chocolate base doesn't ahve that same trigger for enough. So the self restraint is that much more difficult...

That said, I added another 50 metres to my swimming last night, up to 3/4km in just 3 weeks, so I'm pretty happy with myself.

Hoping to amke a big pot of chicken and vetg soup later in the week too. mmmn, soup.
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It takes on a whole new dimension when you take the dog along. Mum and I (and Hilda, the 16 year old cocker spaniel cross) walked around Albert park lake today. Hilda was fascinated by the swans, of which there were many. Fascinated and intent on proving she was the boss. (The workout one gets from holding an fit and eager dog back has to be equivalent to a weights session). Much barking and charging to the waters edge - we did not want her to actually make it into the water *wrinkles nose*. She looked a bit affronted when the swans hissed at her, or raised their beaks in that condescending fashion they have. Then she finally pushed one too far and it struck forwards to peck her - not fast enough to actually make contact, as Hilda's no slouch, but certainly scared her. And so the rest of the walk was spent barking more and louder to prove that of course she wasn't scared. *rolls eyes*

That said it was a lovely walk. The actual walking took an hour. But you have tot hrow in an extra 20 minutes for the stop for a cup of tea - Mum has the right idea I think :)

And I feel like I've done soemthing worthwhile today (as well as eating a large healthy breakfast). And what a lvoely day it is too. I've got allt he windows in the flat open.
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I went swimming today. This might seem like such a big thing, but haven't actually been since the car accident, and that's a fair while back now. I've been to the pool and done some running and spa and sauna-ing, but no actual swimming due to the back problems from the accident. And we haven't in fact made it to the pool at all the last 2 weeks. So, taking advantage of the fact that I'm not working currently, we wandered along today. And during the day the pool is 25 metres. This makes more of a difference than I thought it would. When I started swimming, I was a fan of the 50m pool as it seemed like it was easier to swim longer distances - less turning maybe.

But today, regardless of my lack of exercise of late - though i did quite a bit of walking last week - I swam 1km. I ahven't done that in aaaaages. And I did it in 40 minutes. Colour me impressed with myself :) It was relativelyt easy too. Though I felt it at the end. but that's what the steam room, spa and sauna are for (in about that order too). Did some brief running and starjumping in the pool after the steam room to stretch muscles tight from kicking and then jumpe din the sauna - I heard that the sauna works better if your heart rate is somewhat elevated before you go in because then instead of jsut working on surface toxins it helps clean toxins from deep tissue and muscle as well. Not sure how true it is - was some guy who uses the sauna as part of his training regime - but I figure it can't hurt.

So now I'm feeling good on post exercise endorphins as well as pleased with myself, and with floppy relaxed muscles.

Was also reading that it's apaprently quite good for you to do half of your laps with a kickboard when swimming, so I feel elss lazy about it. Though it's only a quarter - 2 laps freestyle, 2 backstroke, 2 breathstroke, 2 kicking (I on my front and one on my back). And it's still my arms that feel like they've worked the hardest...

Dammit, i need an exercise icon ;)


Jun. 29th, 2005 01:36 pm
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You don't kniow how unfit you are until you have to walk up from the ground to the 10th floor...

All 3 lifts died at once. At least the one I got stuck in was ont he ground floor and the doors were slightly open when the power died... Airflow good. And then someone managed to pry them open enough to get out.

Judging by the phone ring, others weren't so lucky.

Stupid lifts.
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No. Hangon.

Given how unfit last night's swimming session proved me to be, perhaps there won't be any killing for a little while at least.

I only managed about 600 metres. That said, 600 metres is 24 laps of the pool, so I don't feel quite as bad. Given that I've recently been doing no exercise at all, its not an alotogether bad effort. THough I did do about a third of the laps just kicking with a kickboard. Curse my lack of upper body stregth; my arms hurt. Plan is to work up to 1km. After that - given I think my general fitness will probably increase faster than my upper body strength - it will be 1km of full swimming. Think I'll try and increase it by 50 metres a week. Alternating freestyle, backstroke and breathstroke still. Backstroke kick exercises the legs much better than front I found last night.

And then there was the sauna, and after that the spa. Ahhh, relax those tired, sore muscles. Consequently, I hurt much less than I feared I would today. Barely at all in fact, unless I lift my arms above my head. Though I did go to bed with a heatpack, because they were achey last night.

However, no pain (rather than no gain) means that I'm not now unmotivated to continue...

Now I just have to focus on some healthier eating...


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