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She has the best rant posts.

This time it's The Leg-Biting Bitch Hates The Meaning Of Your Life.

(And not just for the quote of the day, "and her childhood sucked snot off a doorknob", though that's worthwhile all on it's own).

In short, author Alice Walker was apparently a horrible woman who raised her daughter in a manner one would expect to encounter in, say, lobotomized cave hyenas. Her daughter, Rebecca, retaliated by having a child. Sounds totally fair to me. Not novel, perhaps, when she could have built a robot army or a death ray or a time machine, but you work with what you have.

Getting the last laugh on Mommy Dearest is not enough for Rebecca, though. No, she has to go on to attack feminism for the damage it has done for families, assert that it is wrong of feminists to say that abortion has no consequences (Who says that? Did I ever say that? Do the munchies count?), and that (drumroll please) children are the meaning of life.

Someone alert every astronomer on the planet, the center of the universe has been found.

She also asserts that those of us who don't want kids have been "betrayed into childlessness." By feminism.

The rant follows and is again, well worth a read.
There is some good stuff in the comments as well.
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Sharing this post by [ profile] naamah_darling: The Leg-Biting Bitch Hates Pushy Assholes:

"Inspired by talk about casual, everyday sexism in a different journal, I think I'm going to start regularly complaining about misogyny. There's a widespread attitude that stuff on the individual, personal level doesn't count as misogyny -- one guy being an asshole to one woman does not count as misogyny. It absolutely does count. We are talking about a pattern, and a pattern is made up of individual incidents. I'm going to try to put stuff out there that connects the dots and reveals that pattern."

Further down the post:

"A lot of men claim that if women aren't interested, they should say so -- and we absolutely should say so, I totally agree. Yet, even when we do say so, there is an excellent chance we will be harangued instead of left alone. It's possible that a refusal will trigger a hostile display. We may be berated, harassed, followed, screamed at, or even physically seized and/or assaulted. So keep that in mind, okay?

Unwanted attention is negative because we don't actually know what is going to happen when we refuse it."

It's well worth a read.


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