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So, the other day duing training, someone was passing around mints. And they had some Exclipse, 'Black Chill'. Hmm, haven't tried these before, expecting them to be some sort of extra intense mint.
Not quite as it turns out...
In fact, kinda odd tasting, not exactly unpleasant, kinda of fmailiar even, but not really minty, of there's some menthol there, almost eucalptusy in fact, damn, can't place it.
take a whiff of the tin they come in. Choke on min. The tin smells like dencorub. That's why they taste so odd and kinda familiar, they taste exactly like deoncorub smells! - but with less bite.
Of cours,e that brought to mind the images of lockers rooms, and sucking on the scent of that...mmmn no.
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Vegemite is safe despite salt content, says Julia Gillard

A shadow has been cast over the future of the spread as a Federal Government taskforce considers special taxes and other deterrents on the sale of fatty, sugary and salty foods.

Maybe it's just me, but whatever happened to perhaps teaching people about this wonderful innovation, called moderation? Or this other one here, personal responsibility?

Sugar-rich preserves and jams, and even high-fat products such as soft cheeses and cooking oils, could be banned for health reasons, Dr Annison warned.

Excuse me? Educate people in being sensible instead? Yes cheese, surprise surprise, is fatty! But if I eat some and I put on weight, well that's my choice and my consequences. Stop mollycoddling people! How will they learn without experience? We need to stop this cycle of "but it's their fault because they didn't make sure I couldn't do it!" Own your damn shit!

Grrr. Stab them with a salty cheesey fork.
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Dammit, why will fruit seasons not conform to my will??

People may get New Year's presents instead if I can't make what I want! :-)


Shall have to see
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Since Tuesday, there has been a plate of various chocolates 2 feet from my desk. It keeps getting replenished as it runs out - which, as you might guess, is often :) And yet, not once in the last three and a half days ahve I indulged. And not because of any "Oh I shouldn't, I'm on a diet" type of behaviour, but ebcause I hoenstly haven't been tempted, at all, by any of it. I even cotnributed a box of Ferrero Rocher to the cause because they were just sitting on my desk not getting consumed.

I know I've always been more of a savoury than a sweet fiend but this is still pretty amazing! I didn't even indulge in the home made chocolate brownies from another co-worker the other day... No inclination.

On teh subject of savoury however, I found this article, The mood-food connection from a couple of months ago quite interesting, specifically the paragraphs

"Despite the low-carb craze, most people recognise that carbohydrates are a necessary part of a healthy diet. Along with her colleagues, Wurtman, who also directed the women's health program at MIT's Clinical Research Centre, found that when carbohydrates are withheld, the brain stops producing serotonin.

"This is the chemical that elevates mood and suppresses appetite and only carbohydrate consumption naturally stimulates its production," she says. "When serotonin is made and becomes active in your brain, its effect on your appetite is to make you feel full before your stomach is stuffed and stretched. Serotonin is crucial not only to control your appetite and stop you from overeating; it's essential to keep your moods regulated.""

It might explain why I have a tedancy to binge on biscuits etc rather than sweets.

Another Mood Food Article is also interesting.
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I have such a garlic craving going on at the moment!

Garlic dip (20+ % garlic in yoghurt), garlic bagel crisps to eat it with, garlic bread...

I don't know what's going on. I mean, I love the stuff sure, but... Wo am i trying to ward off in the dark here?

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Ow my brain. There was a work morning tea this morning to farewell someone on maternity leave. Someone brought in homemade chocolate mousse - though I'd debate the moussiness of ot and just call it chocolate mud. Seriously. I'm fairlt sure it was jsut boiled quality chocolate and double cream. This was dense, not light or fluffy in the lease. And it was divine. But I'm expecting the entire workforce to exit enmasse in about half an hour for a coffee to recover from the sugar crash. Wow. I only had a tablespoon full and 10 minutes later I felt the sugar rush hit my head. I'm a savoury girl msot of the time, I get savoury craving rather than sugar or chocolate mostly. So the concentrated sugar in this means my head already feels fuzzy. Oops. Definitely a sometimes only food.

Edit: Vague as a very vague thing.


Mar. 6th, 2007 09:36 am
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Or anyone else who wishes to participate :)

So, during a discussion at dinner last Thursday night, Jess and I got talking about a dinner community - basically a group meal (lunch or dinner) at a different place/cuisine one a month or so. Lots of must eat type places and we need a group to go with.

We wanted to call it foodgasm, but that's taken. As is foodalicious. And tastybites, and a few others we tried. So we present you with a Poll created by Ms Jess with options - or suggest a name :)

Go fill it out - pretty please :)

Sexy food

Mar. 1st, 2007 09:55 pm
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Plum wine sorbet is my new favourite food. Oh my is it wonderful and glorious. I swear I sighed and shivered with how good it was - the look on my face apparently reflected this more than adequately too :D


Feb. 25th, 2007 02:25 pm
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And I took a apcket of each of the new flavours of Tim Tams down to the aprty last night, but do you think I remembered to open then? And I was so looking forward to them too. Oh well, the birthday girl gets them, and I'll buy some more later for taste testing purposes :)
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Yep, another brand has released a new flavour and of course I just have to try it.... It's the next round in Tim Tam flavours - called Love Potions or something equally sappy. So nevrer mind that hot and humid is hardly the best chocolate eating weather, they will be in my shopping basket soon - all new meaning to hot little hands really.

Anyway, there is Chocolate Mud, Dark chocolate - or maybe double chocolate - and Rasperry, and Vanilla Toffee. All of which sound so good. Decisions decisions, why don't they come in a sampler pack dammit! :)
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Just in case anyone was ever wondering, choc-mint is not a flavour you want in yoghurt. Just, no. Not even for a mint obsessive/fetishist like myself. If it had been creamier, sweeter yoghurt - ie the type I don't tend to like - it might ahve worked ok. But it was lovely tangy greek yoghurt, with chunk of peppermint chocolate crumbled through it. And as a flavour combination, it has nothing to recommend it.

If I was going to mix chocolate with greek yoghurt, I'd want the really bitter dark chocolate, and I'd probably leave off the mint entirely.

Speaking of dark chocolate, has anyone else seen the new Lindt special editions - different countries, different cocoa percentages. Looks tempting, I'll have to investigate more thoroughly.
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In general I'm a sucker for a new flavour of something - Cherry BOunty, Mint Kit Kat etc etc. I am the target market for this kind of stuff, I have to try it at least once.

But I can heartily recommend against the Wild Berry Skittles. I really don't knoww hatt hey were thinking. it's not just the flavours - Strawberry, Raspberry and even Wild Cherry, ok. But Melon berrry? Berry Punch? And out of that lot of flavours, Strawberry was the least sweet. I dunno what they did tot he raspberry and Cherry flavours...

And it have an overall 'lolly' flavour - that taste reminiscent of childhood, ultra sweet and yet nothing tasting.

Just blergh in general, all over really.
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Red wine in the middle of the day = Sleep

Red wine in the middle of the day plus OMG! so much good Thai food = How on earth am I supposed to ge through this afternoon without crawling under my desk for a nap.
So incredibly full. So very very sleepy.!

Will berocca give me back my B B Bounce?
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Light coconut milk jsut doesn't seem to ahve the same capacity for absorbing chilli as the standard stuff.

Normally I avoid the 'light; alternatices, a lot of them taste crap, and I'd prefer to jsut eat les of the full fat stuff. But it's hard to justify the amount of fat in comconut milk, (let alone coconut cream), and so I went the light option.

And it's tasty, definitely tasty, just a little hotter than anticipated. And given I have enough to feed a small hoarde*, it's definitely going to need a coconut top up sometime in the next couple of days while I work through the leftovers, as the chilli and curry flavours fully develop.

And this time, it'll be the fullbodies stuff.

* 4 big leftover portions. I've mentioned before I suck at this cooking for 1 thing...
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People always say that you shouldn't go food shopping when you're hungry. But I don't know about that after today. I knew I needed food - lunches and dinners throught the week etc. But, when you are not only not hungry, but in fact have no interest in food whatsoever at this point in time, shopping for food becomes all new levels of hard. And therefore takes more time than you could imagine, and costs mroe money. Making decisions was almsot impossible so I wandered aimlessly and made more or less random decisions. Hmmm, will have to review when I get around to eating any of it I guess...
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The Lindt limited edition Milk Chocolate with natural minty flavour is seriously good. Nyum! My only problem with it is that it's too moreish :) Whereas the 60% Cocoa Lindt balls - also evilly good - are bitter rich enough that I only ever want one at a time, and generally no more than one a day, the milk chocolate base doesn't ahve that same trigger for enough. So the self restraint is that much more difficult...

That said, I added another 50 metres to my swimming last night, up to 3/4km in just 3 weeks, so I'm pretty happy with myself.

Hoping to amke a big pot of chicken and vetg soup later in the week too. mmmn, soup.
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If you call up the pizza place and observe that the pizza that was just delivered to you is one slice short you get really good, really fresh pizza, with lots more topping than normal when they very apologetically hurry to replace it.

Maybe the cook got hungry or something... :)

I wasn't so much annoyed as a bit bemused.

*~Well, I ain’t evil, I’m just good lookin’
Start a little fire, and baby start cookin’
I’m a hungry man
But I don’t want pizza
I’ll blow down your house
And then I’m gonna eat ya~


Nov. 23rd, 2005 12:49 pm
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I just ate what I think may be the biggest plate of salad I've ever consumed in one sitting.

I've been eyeing off the very tempting looking options at the palce downstairs but always vetoes it based on a) price and b) not enough roughage (I know a whole lot of eating plans preach cutting carbs right down but too few carbs and I don't feel full for long enough to make it worth while. And then I get headachey and blah).

However thinking about what some restaurants charge for a basic Caesar, the price really isn't that abd - particualrly when we are talking CBD pricing schemes.

So I had: Moroccan Chickpea - lots of coriander and chilli in this, Beef Teriaki and Potato and Chorizo.
All of which were very very tasty and full of leafy green bits as well :)

I figure the chickpeas should help the roughage factor. Speaking of which, I recall reading a while ago that chickpeas are very good for women and we should eat more of them, but I can't remember why right now??
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Had a lovely evening of hanging out, drinking cider, with dips and bread for dinner.
Comfy couches, relaxed atmosphere, general rambling.

Disovered two lovely dips that I had not previously tried. The Yumis Creamed Spinach dip was delicious - i'm quite picky about spinach dip so it's ncie to know there is a good commercially available one.

And then there was the Savion Eggplant with Garlic. This is a misnomer. it should be "Garlic dip with eggplant added for strcutual integrity". Either way was delicious.

And I need more of both.
As well as the aforemnetioned components to the evening of course :)

And thanks to [ profile] zen_cat and [ profile] vaingloriesque (colour edit) for my new icon
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Mint choc mint meringues are an abomination. particualrly when made with spearming *shudder* Why would you mix speamint with chocolate ina ny form? let alone in meringe... My poor abused taste buds...


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