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Unfortunately somewhere self-defence was swapped for self-destruction.

My ribs, my poor poor ribs. They started hurting in the middle of Sunday night, as discovered when i woke up trying to figure out why I couldn't comfortably lie on that side for sleeping.

Now they hurt all the time. Though standing up seems to be particularly bad.

Yay bruised bones. May the worst be over soon please. it's not like I need another injury thanks all the same. I'd have thought I'd in fact managed above my fair share for this year already.

And yeah it's another one of those mystical "how the hell did I manage that?" moments. Though i have a theory at least this time round. Though even that's an impressive effort.

Sleep we say. Well, I can but try.

Le sigh.
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I'm not sure what I'm a her of right at this moment but that's irrelevant.

Yes, I did it again. I don't know what it is with this masochistic relationship I appear to be developing with the ground, but if you'll excuse the pun, I seem to be falling hard *ducks hastily*

This time round, while I don't appear to have done serious damage (for starters I didn't concuss myself), I have done something to my ankle which makes it painful to walk, something to my wrist (such as say, landing on it) which leads me to believe I might have sprained it - typing's getting problematic pain wise, I have a large painful bump on my knee (my jeans needed an extra hole there, doncha know? Ventilation...), and that's just the left hand side, the right isn't so banged up, but it has it's scrapes and bruises. basically, my foot slipped on something as I was about to step from the road to the footpath, so when my knees and hands came down it was on the footpath, except my center of balance was expecting the ground to be a few centimetres lower still, and I hit really hard. Hard enough that I spent some time over the next little while in enough shock that i was wavering between throwing up or passing out. I managed to avoid both, but it was touch and go.

I blame the fact that i was in Sale. I might have survived the trip, but I wasn't going to be allowed to escape unscathed... Because really, despite appearances to the contrary, I don't make a practice of being such a klutz...

So no clubbing for me tonight, I'm having enough difficulty with hobbling around the house.

~I feel the earth move. under my feet...~
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And my big toe has come down with a sudden bout of fashion consciousness. So much so that it decided that the pain generated from slamming itself full force into a step* - hard enough that the crunch was heard more than a room away. Hard enought hat it took half an hour to go abck to sleep with the burning burning pain. It didn't look so bad in the morning, but during the day, the brusing has come into it's full glory, and I not ahve a spectacular purple and black and red toe. The things we do for fashion... It's colour co-ordinated!

Seriosuly though,t ehre is purple everywhere at the moment- this is a good thing - but in various shades. Today I've got a purple top, skirt and jacket, and yet none of thema ctually match per se - nott hat my care factor there is particualrly high, but it does amuse me :)

* AKA, I'd forgotten that the house I was in at the time had a 1 inch step up from the hallway into the living room, and found out the well, hard way. With any luck it's the sort of reminder that sticks with you...


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