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A quote that I would like to remember, and wish I had come across many moons ago now:

How many times have you tried to talk to someone about something that matters to you, tried to get them to see it the way you do? And how many of those times have ended with you feeling bitter, resenting them for making you feel like your pain doesn't have any substance after all? - Only Forward, Michael Marshall Smith

I know this all to well; it makes progress of any kind remarkably difficult; the wound festers and scars and years down the track sometimes still randomly opens in unexpected, unrelated contexts.
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I have a magical colour changing shirt... When is aw it in teh store, I love the deep olive green colour of it. I bought it, got it home, puilled it out...and ti was a rich chocolate brown. I stared at it for awhile confused then shrugged and decidedit was stilla ncie colour, if not the colour I'd originally desired and thT I msut have had some sort of vision malfunction. Until later that night...when it was back to olive green. What The...? Apaprently my top is sensitive to UV light - in natural light it's brown, under flurescent it goes green. I've not experienced this before...

I was thinking yesteray that I really need a hammer, or perhaps a needle, to reach that hard to get to "stop overthinking!" button in my brain. I'm told it's there, jsut inconveniently placed. Then it occurred to me that that thought was awfully close to a lobotomy... Yes, I'm a abd woman. And I'll take the overthinking.

Alos, I've suddnely gone from a dearth of new book I want to read being available to a flood. This is both good and bad. Yay for stuff I want! bah! Why can't the releases be staggered. There were something like 5 new books in series I've been waiting for that I saw on a cursory glance today! And while it's great that these come out now that I have $, I must practice tempration resistance and not buy them all at once! No matter how tempting it is to buy them all and lock myself up in my room for a hermit period of reading indulgence! And yes, theoretically I coul ration my buying, but then I worry that the books will sell out and I'll ahve trouble finding them.... Sigh.

What's Up?

Jan. 8th, 2009 08:41 pm
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Monday night saw me off to see the play Grace put on by MTC, with Noni Hazelhurst as an extremist Atheist sorry, Naturalist, married to a Jew, whose son is about to begin training as an Anglican Priest. The acting was superb, by all performers. The story isn't told in lenar order but it hung together well. Very well done.

Tuesday night was theatre again, off to Billy Elliott The Musical, whichw as a Christmas present. Completely different mood to the previous night, and everything I like about a musical. I liked it enough that I bought the soundtrack at interval :) Rousing songs, and the boy playing Billy is seriously amazing. It is of course idealised but was wodnerfully done and I was thoroughly abosrbed in the story and caring about Billy. Loved it.

That's my culture for the week.

I also saw the film Slumdog Millionaire jsut before Christmas. Gorgeously filmed, and a heartwarming story. Yeah it's idealistic in teh extreme but that doesn't change the fact that it's a viewing pleasure (some scenes aside) and you walk out feeling good.

In other news, I'm to have a housemate in a few weeks. For the first time in...years, literally. The delightful G is moving in for awhile - yes this means we will be a flat of curvaceous readheads beginning with G :P. Must start getting organised for her arrival. I've arranged the week after next off which will help. Need to clear her room of as much of my junk as I can, and tidy up the rest. Really should get onto finding her something to sleep on too :) I'm looking forward to it oddly enough. I love living on my own, don't get me wrong, but jsut cos I love it doesn't mean it's necessarily good for me, and I think having her here will be. It'll help in a lot of ways and I know we are both capable of leaving the other one be when needed.

As far as the lj panic attack goes I installed logjam and made an offline copy, however it doesn't do comments, so I'll probably find a doze box and use ljarchive which does do comments, just doesn't work under linux, to my knowledge. If it does go under, Insane Journal will be my next port of call. What I like about lj is the community feel to it as well as just being a blog, which IJ also has going as far as I can tell.

What else have I been doing? Gorging on cheap berries from the supermarket is about it really :-) Nyum!

Hmmm, that's about it for now I think... I got to sleep at 4am so I'm vague as a very vague thing at this point in time...
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Well 2009 was rung in wonderfully, I had a fantastic time, may it be an omen for the year to come.
Here's to a better year and new beginnings.

Happy 2009 friends!

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Well let's see...

My ability to injure myself apaprently knows no bounds. I stepped off the back step at my parents place last night and when my foot came down unevenly I tripped on the brick and went sprawling ass over tit, managing not only to graze both palms, both knees, bruise one ankle and the opposite hip, but to slam my head into the end of (in)conveniently located wheelbarrow handle at quite some force :(
No, I don't know how I do it either. it's a talent. I'd say it was my secret special superpower, but if that was the case I'd be applying for a new one with better benefits :)

Today I elarned that 18 cans of coke is really quite heavy when you are walking back from the shopps with it :) - it's not that long a walk but the box was awkward and getting heavier.

Also, if I'm sleeping and yet dreaming about not sleeping, it's really not as restful as one could hope. mmm dreams about insomnia, thanks brain!
Last night I dreamed I was pregnant - given how many people I know are or have been this year I suppose it's not entirely surprising!
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First things, please, admire the new iconage, made by the ever talented silverblue. She did me a gorgeous 'sketch' in full size (can be found here) and gave me an icon sized one. Isn't it pretty?

Other stuff. My BPAL addiction has not abated (Caution, as I got complaints last time I linked them, the link takes you addictive places :)) Their Halloween scents are still up, I must nab myself some of the yumminess. And their Yule scents are out. oh my.

- As a side note, I have no trouble with the fact that BPAL have Yule scents up already, instead I'm excited like the traditional kid in the candy store, and yet I can still find it within myself, as noted today, to bitch at the crass commercialism of Christmas decorations and cards and what have you being out in stores already. Go figure, aka, hooray double standards I guess. Though with BPAL (mm, smell that justification) it can be honestly said that I'm excited about new limited Edition scents. I'm the person who almost always has to try the new novelty flavour of something, so the LE scents are like mana from heaven - or grade A crack depending on your point of view. I think next time anyone asks me what I want as a present I'll have to have a BPAL wishlist somewhere :P

Anyway, there are many that I want!! Want I tell you. You know the addiction is bad when you're dreaming about it... Well, oddly, not so much the perfumes, but the phoenix emblem. There was one in my room last night. in black and white. Almost art deco in style really. it was perched in most unflamelike state upon the bookshelf in my bedroom. That would be the bookshelf that does indeed happen to have a lovely black and white scarf thrown over it...

Nae gave me a lovely perfume bottle for my birthday, I'm thinking I might need tos tart a collection of them to keep up!

Horseriding is rearing (ouch, no that pun wasn't intentional) it's very pretty heading my life again. Unfortunately more by hearing of others glorious experience of same than by doing any myself. But since at last count it was 4 in the last week that I've heard tell of, I can tell I'm going to have to rectify this situation in the near future. There's nothing akin to the feeling of a good horse. I hadn't realised quite how much I'd been missing it either.
Anyone got recommendations of places to go with good horses? I know a good enough trail riding place, but...

In other news, the premixed Teqila and Lime by Cuervo packs more of a punch than you'd expect from what's normally lolly water. And by god it's easy to drink. More please! However chocolate tequila doesn't taste as good as one might hope - it might if they'd used dark chocolate. Though now of course I'm wondering if you could infuse your own in similar fashion to vodka infusions. But the lime one was smoother than expected.

Speaking of chocolate, trampoline do a Chocolate Chilli icecream I actually like! - the flavor combination doesn't generally work for me. Maybe it's the addition of cinnamon as well? They also do a Chai flavored one that rocks.
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I know I'm tired, but I'm not this tired. If I could lose the fluros above my desk things would improve probably. It feels like work have accidentally plugged their aircon inflow into a bottle of valerian or something. The same thing was happening yesterday afternoon. I'm quite literally having trouble keeping my eyes open, let alone getting anything done. I keep feeling myself sway as the gravitational pull of the desk urges my head towards it. I can hear the aircon, so i know it's working, but damn it's stuffy in here. It's not even hot, just stuffy. I think the sleepiness is perhaps because my eyes are so dry and scratchy from the air in here that they jsut really really don't want to be open.

It's lucky I've already scheduled tonight as down time - especially given it's the only quiet night until Sunday, and my first since I think last Wednesday.

Tonight's plan incldues having a bath in the absence of someone to rub my poor sore back - I have yummy lush muscle relaxing stuff to help there. And I will drink a large gin while in the bath, and then I will eat chocolate and dinner and genrally have a quiet and comfortable night of relaxing.

So I do decree.

If I ever get there that is. Today is crawling. How it's only 11.30 I really don't know.
In the interim I'm off to refill my water bottle again in the fond hope that drinking it will wake me up.


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