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I had a paid livejournal account for a few years. It ran out recently, and apropos of happenings over the last little while I decided I wasn't going to renew it. I in fact decided this many months ago, but that's by the by.

By virtue of this charming fucking piece of assfuckery, does anyone reading this actually use this crossposting feature? Yes I really do feel that I need to know. Also, as this is my journal, why is there not an optout for comments posted to it?

The majority of my entries are friends locked; I'm just more comfortable that way.
And if I go to the trouble of locking said post, then strangely enough, I'm not a fan of people being able to publicly crosspost comments to said locked entry.

What the fuck do they think they are doing? That goes for anyone using said feature where the posts are locked. Fuck that shit.

If I wanted to post to twitter I'd do it myself. Likewise facebook. I don't need someone else making the decision for me.

The irony of this entry being originally posted from Dreamwidth is not lost on me believe me.
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Aside from compeltely abusing the 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' philosophy?

Yes, I would be bitching about those in charge of maintaining the glory that is lj.

I'd like to know a) Why my community psots no longer show on my friends page, and b) How I can make this change?

I noticed they made some significant changes to the userinfo page the other day, which appears to have had no purpose other than to limit functionality, but it would be ncie if it hadn't removed features as well.


Please, tell me I'm missing something obvious - providing it also comes with info on how to make it work again!


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