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aka The (Not So) Incredible Hulk.

I know it's a comic book adaption, and I'm well acquainted with the "disengage brain, watch -> watch movie" phenomenon. But really, there is only so much suspension of disbelief I can do.

There was a scene at which we looked at his hands in Hulk form, and well, Cry Little Fister was born.
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Whoever thought that using a handycam in a movie gave it some sort of authenticity (you know that doesn't quite work for me, I like authenticism mroe for this context, but I'm reasonably certain that's not actually a word {/tangent}) , or enhanced the mood, or whatever other wanktastic theory they were cremaing their pants over at the time, was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Head spinning with dizziness is not the mood I prefer to watch movies in, kinda spoils my ability to focus. Closing my eyes until I'm somewhat more confident I've reascertained which way is up means I miss bits. And feeling ill from prolonged dizziness is a distraction.

So please, anyone recommending a movie to me, if it's got large amounts of hand held camera work, mention it. I'll see it on dvd where it's not such an issue.

Aside from that, Children of Men was good. I lost more train of cohesion that I'd like because of the aforementioned camrework - not because it was confusing but because the visuals were shitting me to tears. But it is a good film. I didn't know until I was talking to my mother yesterday that it was based on a P.D. James novel, which surprised me as she writes modern day (rather than historical as I originally thought) crime novels. I haven't read any but I do know the name. I've got no idea how faithful it might have been to the book.

it's one of those films where seeing the trailer was a shame - the first little while would have had significantly more dramatic tension if you hadn't. So it was nice to get past the initial plot points.
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So, what are the differences between the Platiunum Edition and the Lost Disc edition of the Pirates of the Caribbean dvd? And which is better? Both are currently on sale at Target, but I don't need both so...

Inside Man

Mar. 28th, 2006 09:02 pm
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"You are a magnificent cunt" - to Jodie Foster. And in character it was a great line.

The visual my brain provided was pretty impressive...

Other than that, their cinematography made my eyes sore, I don't care if it was a deliberate effect, it was bad.

Interesting film though.
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On the stage: MTC's End of The Rainbow. Caroline O'Connor - always wonderful - playing Judy Garland. And she did a brilliant job. Powerful performances all round in fact. She really was Judy though. Some very intense scenes. The singing was great too - with the 6 or 8 piece band offstage.

On the screen - went and saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang last night (no sympathy for the volunteer to the late session on a school night). Very balck comedy. I think our row may have laughed louder than the rest of the cinema combined. Hil-arious. Not how I'd ever have pictured Val Kilmer I have to say.

Speaking of cinema, I must get to The Proposition at some point soon. Maybe Tuesday week. And of course, Corpse Bride.
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Under the cut there will be details of the reasonings behind my disappointment in Serenity.
I'm well aware that most people I know don't agree with me on this. That's fine :)

Before you start reading this, keep in mind that I did like the film. The issues I had were not with it as a film.

Consider this fair spoiler warning :) )


Oct. 4th, 2005 11:18 pm
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Hmm will possibly/probably post a more detialed rant/review at a later date. I know my opinion differs greatly from most of what I've seen, and yet myself and the 2 people I saw it with all came out feeling the same...

Currently suffice to say I'm not happy. And I'm not yet convinced - damn the lack of ways to evaluate these things! :) - that I wouldn't have enjoyed it more if I hadn't seen the series...

I don't even think it's a case of walking in with huge expectation from everything i'd heard. It's not that it's not a good movie, just...yeah.

Much more goes into spoiler territory. And I can't be bothered getting into a fullblown rant about it.


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