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the price for reliving my childhood music memories is the sight of John Farnham in leather pants and a muscle short. *twitch* Somehow that's not the iamge I've had stored mentally these years gone past!
And oh that hair!

Youtube has a lot to answer for really :-)

(also testing the crosspost function for future reference)
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Or would that be my Salvation and my Sin?

Regardless, should I for any reason be in the mood to listen to more trashy 80s and 90s music than I have in my actual possession, You Tube is there to help me. "Help".
Unless of course, I decide that listening to Cher's "Turn Back Time" (shuddup you in the back, songs of my childhood and all that!) is a good move...and actually flick back to the tab while the video is playing... Cos you know, Cher in what at first appeared to be a vinyl gstrigy, but which in further shots seems to be some sort of mankini with mesh overlay, is not an image I ever needed. No, really. Ow my poor brain.
And before anyone complains about oversharing, be greatful I didn't hunt down a still from it and paste to this entry, 'kay? :-)
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...that it was the Mx that provided this information:

Tiffany - yep that singer from the 80s - is making a comeback. She's remixing, you guessed it "I think we're alone now" to eb rereleased shortly (coz I can't recall the exact date and didn't bring the paper home).

I'm sure there are several people who read this who will... appreciate ... this piece of information ;)

Mmmn, trashy. Will it be any better the 2nd time round (and who did that track originally anyway?). I still must hear the Ratcat version...


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