Jan. 2nd, 2008 11:11 am
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Point the first:
I want a pain med developed that doesn't need to be taken with food.
If I'm already sore and nauseous, the concept of having to keep food down in order to then swallow the pain medication that's supposed to make me feel better is really unappealing. And counterproductive judging by how I'm feeling currently. *mutter* Stupidity.
Really I should perhaps have ignored the instruction but I was trying to be sensible. I'd like to be able to walk and in fact sit, without pain soemtime today please.

Point the second:
Hooray for workmates who happen to have heatpacks in their desk and bring them over preheated for me to use. She rocks.

Point the third:
Directly related to Point the second. Thank goodness this is occurring today, because if I'd been in a state requiring heat packs yesterday I'd have been a long way past unimpressed.
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Mmmn nurofen and tigerbalm to the rescue again. Being able to move my neck again - and without it hurting (mostly) - make for a much less grumpy me :) Mmmmn, sweet, cooling pain relief. Though choking on the nurofen while attempting to swallow them does not improve the pain relief properties any...

I'd say I'd overdone the tigerblm if I believed in such things; my entire neck is covered in it and it is bliss. Of course, now the other parts of my abck thata re sore are letting me know about it, but at least the most agnoising one is happier.

Sweet sensation!


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