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And you know, if I'd stopped there, I might not be feeling quite so dire this morning. Or perhaps if I hadn't started with gin and tonics, moved on to light fizzy red wine, and then had 6 or 7 tequila shots - in fairly quick succession I might add. Tequila is sneaky. I felt fine for quite awhile after the first 4. And then came back for more. It was just before I left that I suddenly felt hideously drunk.

I blame [ profile] aeduna. It was his tequila, he must be to blame! 5 of us went through a full bottle. Ow ow ow.

The only sensible part of this is that I deliberately didn't take any of my prescription pain killers, knowing I'd probably be drinking heavily. Otherwise things could have gotten really messy. As it is, I'm feeling old, I never used o get hangovers. I don't normally do tequila shots either though.

I woke up at 7am, and have been unable to sleep since. And I had to stagger out of the house down to the dr for a med cert for last week. At 9am. And I've lost my sunglasses. That was not so fun *wince*

That said, it was a good, fun party. And my new corset was definitely a sexy success. It gives an amazing waist, I love it! Except the cheap lacing which burned several peoples fingers before finally actually snapping in [ profile] aeduna's hands. Special. Damn, I didn't get photos.

Also, the corset was very very good for my back - gave it lots of support (especially given I was stupid enough to wear heels. What was I thinking?!) I keep forgetting, a corset is like wearing a hug.

All emotional upsets are to be blamed on the tequila.

Has the somewhat disconcerting (in a good way) experience in the shower this morning of trying to figure out what I could smell and where it was coming from and realising it was last night's perfume. That's potent. It beat the woodsmoke, and was still smellable after I got out of the shower too. Staying power in spades! Lucky it's yummy smelling - I've been told it screams Eat Me! - well it does smell like Mexican hot chocolate...

Sorry peoples for not really saying goodbye, it was all a bit rushed.
At least tequila didn't equal floor - well not until i got home and collapsed in bed anyway :)
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Quote of the night from last night: "You're a boy. The only reason you exist is my vibrator doesn't do tech support".

It capped off a conversation of "Sorry, I'm a boy bogan, BOY bogan" in the face of demands, begging and whining for Tranvision Vamp to be played on the stereo. Silly boy didnt' have any...
Baby, i don't caaaaare

Yep, I went to a bogan party last night. It was a surprising amount of fun. Well worth the fact that it took me an hour and a half to muster the energy to leave the house... All the flannel and air guitar that one could wish for. I had a topknot!

That said, if you were ever wondering, UDL Gin and Lemon (or whatever the mixer was in the drink I ... aquired ...), still not good. Cheap, nasty gin. But gin is an anti-inflammatory, so i drank it in keeping with theme (my hosts were later kind enough to furnish me with Bombay Saph, which made things even betterer *nods*).

Having intended on making my way to a gid later in the evening, I'd not shown up in bogan wear, between that and the actually getting out of the house, dressing in theme wasn't a high priority. But oh dear, everyone else had dug some very interesting outfits out... And someone provided me an original Slipknot tshirt, jsut so I could blend with the natives. Awww. And natives it was, there was a lot of bogan hidden away previosuly. The amount of us who knew all the words to pretty much all the songs...

Good times


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