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I like blogging the little things that make me smile. It balances the rest of the stuff i rant about :)

Anyway, yesterday, while shopping...

Was heading over to a friends for the evning so ducked into the bottle shop for a bottle of wine. Had no idea what I was in the mood for really. I felt like red wine but wasn't sure because it was humid and muggy. The young perky blond woman came over and asked if I wanted any help. I said I was looking for a nice bottle in x price range but didn't know what I wanted. "Variety, region...?". Um... normally I can answer that but I'd jsut had a massage and was still floaty from it. So i settle don asking for maybe a pinot cos of the weather and we went from there. She recommended something (and it was lovely!). I made my purchase, we nattered briefly about wine, she was relaly quite knowledgeable, which inspires me to go back as I like staff who have an interest in their product. I said I should leave her to it and she responded with "I've got a bottle of Yarra Bank open if you'd like a glass" - not a taste, a glass! - and I of course said "who am I to say no" and she went and fetched the bottle and I had a glass and we chatted for another 15 minutes or so, and all in all, it was just a really nice experience of purchasing wine. I like these sort of encounters.

I'd wandered out of the house in a thin tshirt yesterday, as, despite the earlier rain, it was still quite warm and muggy. Then of course it bucketed again and I was feeling the chill somewhat. So browsed target and found, of all things, a duffle jacket made out of windcheater material - a dufflecheater! I know ti sounds lame but it worked and is snug and comfy. While trying it on, I looked inthe mirror and realised that really, the jeans I was wearing were a bit past it, they looked old and saggy and blah - they happen to be the ones that fit me the best currently, the others fall off. So off next door I went for new jeans. I should state at this point that I loathe jeans shopping. It tends to be full of fail; there are too many variables and only a few of them work on my body and finding those few in one package proves a trial.

Anyway, wandered next door and nice assistance comes up and asks if I'm after anything specific. I point to my jeans and say "these are a little old and ratty" - she manages to agree, but tactfully :) And I say I want lighter weight amterial, the heavy ones won't be good at the moment, too sticky. So I grab a couple of pairs that look promising, and a pair she recommends and off I go. The first pair were awful. The next paid were the ones she suggested and they looked pretty damn fine. I wandered out and she made very complimentary noises. Then I tried on the other pair I chose just in case. And they looked damn fine as well. So I wandered out again and said I couldn't decide. She contempalted and then said "I like these ones better, they look hot babe". What I liked about this is she didn't try and convince me to go with the ones she's suggested, she admitted that the ones I'd gone for suited better. This was really nice. So now I have new jeans. With bling on the bum pockets even... :D To add to the ego, a woman standing at the resgister was staring at me and whispering to her companion, which made me very self conscious at first, however she realised I was aware of it and reassure me that it was because they looked really really good on and she was pointing them out to her companion so she could try on a pair of the same!

It was a good day for shopping.
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This weekend saw me trade one of my corsets for art. A pretty corset to be sure, worn to much acclaim the weekend before, but I'd seen it on the person I traded it to and she looked better. And I got two pieces of art for it - which i should either take photos of or track down hers and put up here :) Now I need to figure out where to put them. Suffice to say, I am well pleased :)
I nearly came away with a pair of boots as well, but while the right foot fitted perfectly, the left boots stubbornly refused admittance and so they went to another friend. Ah well. There will be more boots ...

Sunday saw me at Chadstone, as, horror of horrors, I was out of reading material. having remedied this tragic situation, JB's tried to wrestle all my remaining funds from my bank account but only partially succeeded. i have new music. Well, new for me, nothing earth shatteringly new, but stuff I was craving.

One cd of which my computer is stubbornly refusing to recognise, much to my intense frustration as that's where I listen to my damn music. I fail at technology it would appear. It plays just fine in the cd player, but that's a little inconvenient, though at least it confirms there's nothing wrong with the cd itself, even though the software can't detect an audio cd. Mutter. I'm working on the assumption that it's an older encoding, not that that's terribly helpful at this point. Shame stamping my foot won't magically make it just work! :)

Further retail therapy shall entail new boots sometime soon as I somehow gouged a chunk out of the sole of mine on Sat night. Now all I have to do is find nice boots. It sounds so much easier than it actually is... Maybe I should just splurge on New Rocks...
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I wonder if there is a job out there for Spending Other People's Money?
On themselves mind you, not on me.
And on good things. Flattering even, truly, I should charge a commission for
my services :)

I may have encouraged someone in spending rather a lot of money today.
but hey, they looked good at the end of it, and it's hardly like they didn't want to, they just needing to be talked into it! :D

So really, I'm the angel perched on your shoulder, helping you out.... See, my halo is glowing with virtue!


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