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This whole 'feed a cold, starve a fever' thing? Really hard to feed a cold when said cold has completely killed your sense of smell. I can wave open bottles of perfume under my nose at the moment and not smell anything. Hence, trying to muster an appetite? Not happening so much. No smell, no taste. mm, tasty tasty cardboard, no, wrong texture, sodden cardboard maybe, etc etc. Gets old fast.

Also, have you any idea how hard it is to enjoy a nice relaxing bath with two very anxious spaniels hovering over you and whining? it's very distracting and does not enhance the ambience. I understand that they intensely dislike being bathed themselves (having had two in 4 days no doubt enhancing this), and so can't comprehend voluntarily submerging yourself in the pool of water, but really... it was pathetic! Sweet, but nonetheless pathetic :)
At least when I shower they just flop on the bathmat or my clothes and patiently wait until I get out and then try and lick my legs dry. Which is very caring of them. Or maybe there is no water so sweet as freshly skinned, so to speak ...:)

Also, been meaning to say for awhile, chocolate vodka + cherry jelly = alcoholic cherry ripe in jelly form. Oh, WOW!!! So good!
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The dogs are mostly settling back in well. When I'm home they won't let me out of their sight, following me from room to room - this includes the toilet. If I lock them out they scratch it to hell and whimper, whine and howl. If I leave it open one or both will either a) stick their heads round the door, make sure I am in fact there and flop outside to wait, or b) decide that as I'm sitting it's an ideal time for a cuddle. Enthusiastically. Sigh. Silly puppies. but I love them.
About 1 in 3 meals if I walk away while they are eating, they stop eating and follow me. So I have to stand with them until they finish, unless it's just as I am about to go out in which case I can put them outside with their food. Slight abandonment issues going on here.

Many thanks to the various folk who are assisting me with walking them etc.

And on the personal front, I am sick. Sick in fact as the got it, dog.
As DamienW put it, my throat feels like I'm gargling razorblades. Factor in coughing so hard that I started throwing up, as well as all the other associated bits and pieces of a cold/flu viral thing and you have a miserable me. Not to mention a snarky one when I remembered that cold and flu drugs these days don't come with pseduoephdrine as standard. Which I wouldn't mind so much if the replacement actually worked. but as it's about as effectual as sticking my head under a tap, it leaves me somewhat grumpy. Which isn't to say I don't appreciate them being picked up for me, just grumpy that they Do. Not. work! Running like a damn tap until I got hold of some proper stuff today. Stupid tossers who got rid of the stuff.

Thanks again to various folk who have done medication runs for me, are cooking for me and have helped me with dishes and laundry. All these little things that I am incapable of right now.
I hate being sick. I particularly hate this type of sickness which leaves me miserable and whiny.

Not to mention that I received a BPAL order today and I can't smell any of it! Tragedy!

In brighter news I was jogging for tram after doctor this arvo - I was in no mind to wait 20 minutes or more to the next one - and realised that my jeans are really too big for that to work these days. Luckily I was wearing a long top is all I say cos they slid to homie style low riding....


Apr. 19th, 2008 09:20 am
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I have this distinct feeling that I'm getting sick.
And not just sick, but coming down with the dread lurgy that it feels like half my friends and family*

What's worse? I haven't seen any of you crazy buggers to catch the damn thing! And really, sympathetic I may be, but I didn't think there was any need for me to get sick just to share your pain and misery!

Osmosis I tell you! or, maybe in this computer age of ours it really is possible to catch something through online chatting ;)

Doom. That would explain the garlic cravings then. Excuse me while I go dose myself one everything I've been recommending to other people in the last few days. With any luck this won't actually manifest...

Though the likelihood that all the pain medication I'm on has played havoc with my immune system is probably also pretty high.

To put thing in perspective for everyone suffering, my parents are up in Armidale babysitting 3 grandkids under 13 for 10 days while their son and daughter-in-law celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in Port Douglas. And they have what Mum describes as the worst bought of being sick she can remember having with a cold virus. That's all new levels of pain.


Nov. 1st, 2007 07:27 am
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The perils of medication.

I like pseudoephedrine. It's a good drug, wonderful for solving the problem of "dear god, how much snot can one head possibly hold", and stopping me drowning in that and the crud in my throat. Good work, I heartily approve, hooray. Yada yada yada. But of things it's infamously not good for, or indeed designed for, is helping one with a restful night's sleep. Actually, you can scrap restful from that sentence. A night's sleep even. So why the hell it was in my Nighttime cold and flu drugs I can't possibly imagine. All I know is that I didn't sleep until 4 this morning when I took them just after midnight and I'm not feeling too damn cheery at this stage. Not least because I couldn't sleep until they had worn off which left me trying to sleep while choking on my own coughing and unable to breathe I was so clogged up. This comes in at less than ideal. And goddamn I do actually need to go to work today.
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Not having paid sick leave sucks. I've already taken 2 days off this week and can't really afford a 3rd. And yet for all that I feel much improved than I have in the last 3 days, the aircon here means I've haven't stopped coughing in the last 40 minutes.

*sigh* Probably home time soon and then a very poor week coming up.

What I probably need is a nice big bowl of soup with plent of chilli in it. Clear the sinues and the throat in one hit. And a bottle of honey vodka.
In the interim, Aspro Clear has beome my new best friend, and before anyone else says it, yes it did indeed get me into bed.
Also, having a cold like this gives an all new appreciation of expensive vs cheap tissues.
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I swear there is some jinx on the concept of Monday night swimming. This is the 4th (I think, maybe 5th) week in a row that something has come up. All legitimate reasons, they jsut keep coming though. This week it's the fact that I've finally succumbed to the viral cold thing that's been dropping friends and colleagues like flies. And just when i was thinking I'd missed out too.

Cold are a miserable experience, as though being sick wasn't bad enough in and of itself.

And betatine throat gargle is evil, you spit it out and it looks like you've vomited iodine.


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