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I put lovely cooling peppermint mosituriser on my poor tired feet...

And now I can't walk!

my feet are slipping and slopping around in my shoes and I feel like I'm cosntantly about to go A over T! And these shoes are elasticised so as my foot slides across intot he side, it jsut stretches and off goes my sense of balance and i freewheel - or freefall - away. Who needs amusement aprk rides? :)

I'd like it to absorb now please.
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*raises hand* That would be me.

Last night when leaving work and vaguely tidying my desk, I put my chocolate out of the way in an accessible but not intrusive palce.

Upon going to reach for it just now I realised exactly where I'd put it and why it wasn't the smartest thign I've ever done...

Computers get warm mmkay? So placing the chocolate on tope of it, udnerneath the monistor stand... yeah, not well thought out. And while melted Haighs milk peppermint chcolate tastes great, getting it out of the plastic wrap is a bit troublesome :)

it's a very chocoalte kind of day. In fact, probably week.
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The correct response when eating something of rather to warm temperature is to expel from the mouth. Not to swallow and have burning hot food lodge in the back of one's throat. Ow, it burns, it burns (not like hygeine). Throat is now swollen and painful. That'll learn me...


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