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As though I couldn't tell by the cherry blossoms. And the eczema outbreak down my arms.

But today at breakfast we gloried in sitting outside in the courtyard soaking up the vitamin D. Solar powered goth is recharged.

Been strolling around in a singlet top and realising it's time to invest in a new pair of sunglasses.

Happy times.

On another note, I fail at dyeing mu hair purple. When I first did it it was so dark it was hard to see the colour. Then the over washed back out to purple briefly. And now it's bright red again. I am increasingly more convinced that my hair follicles are in fact sentient enough to have the opinion that there was an error made when my hair colour was selected by genes and that really I should be a red head. I've attempted to dye my hair brown and gotten bright red as well. Mmmmm mutation.
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"Could the plants please stop having sex with my nose?"

"Hayfever is caused by plant bukkake"

As if I weren't already glad that I don't suffer from that particular ailment, that mental image has certainly increased my appreciation.
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I realise Spring is the season of change and this tends to mean a lot of wind. A lot of strong, gusty, often northerly winds. But does anyone else think this Spring is worse than msot for it. Has there been more than 1 consecutive windy day in the last couple of weeks? Particularly I don't recall quite as many North winds, maybe it's just the intensity, but even so.

I'm over it. I don't deal well with wind. As people might be able to tell from my being awake at 5am posting to lj. Particualrly this sort of wind that we've been ahving so much od. I don't like it.

On one side of my building the wind is whistling, on the other, in the courtyards bit, it's jsut gusting and flapping and generally blowing hard enough to keep me awake. I'm not sure how much sleep I've had but it can't be much because I keep starting awake.

I'd like it to stop please, any time now is fine.
I can't enjoy the 30 degreee days when they bring such a bad date to the party so I'll willingly forgo the pleasure of their company until later in the season when they have parted ways. *fervently hopes for the breakup*

I have to be up in just under 2 hours to go to work. With any luck I can actually spend that time sleeping. Well, close to 3 by the time I dragged myself out of bed. Still not enough sleep though

Begone wind!

Whoah, the wind dropped within about 15 minutes of me posting this, Fear my voice of command! :)


Sep. 19th, 2006 09:18 am
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It's going to be 28 degrees today!! 28! in mid September! (not that I should be surprised, every other season has arrived early this year).

Of course i'd be (even) more enthused about this fact if it came complete with sunshine. Rather than "Fine for most of the day with a strong to locally gale force northerly wind. A cooler, gusty westerly change in the evening with a little rain to follow."

North winds are yuck, they always taste like dust. And warm winds just feel wrong. But still, 28 degrees, things are looking up :)

Bring me my beaching weather!
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Am loving the sunny days and the blue skies I must say.
There was a lvoely garden(srt of) of blossom trees all blooming in pink and white with green shoots on Saturday. Just stunning.

I think I'd like Spring regardles of whether that was when my birthday fell too :)

Speaking of which, had a lovely day, thanks to all those who send wishes. Ha a lovely surpise in hearing from one of my half brothers. I haven't spoken to anyone on that side of the family in several years. It was completely out of the blue, but in a good way.

As for the day itself, had a fairly quiet dinner with just a few people - partly because it's easier to interact with people in small groups and aprtly because I didn't have the energy to organise anything else :) - and that was lovely. Good company and all that jazz... :) Didn't make it to Wallace and Grommet but might try for later this week on that front.
Don't know that I'll do anything else, too hard to organise - new weeks etc are already so busy ... So it's gone for another year...

Thanks to Sim informing me of a 2 for 1 ticket offer for Garabge on Wed night I bought myself a birthday present of going to see them. there was no way I could justify $90 but for $45 I was there in a heartbeat and had a great time. Excellent concert, great mix of old and new. I didn't stop dancing for the entirety of their 90 minute set - though the lack of people dancing was a bit disconcerting. Think I probably got a fee funny looks (and nearly set on fire by someone's cigarette too apaprently...) But no-one complained :)
The Forum was a really decent venue for it actually. Not least because it was well ventilated (as opposed to Hi-Fi *shudder*).
setlist for Garbage )

Then today having won a free ticket to a preview for Nightwatch I wandered off to that and ran into several people I knew (and got a much appreciated lift home too!). Good movie. Will want to see again at some point to reexamine some bits. There were a couple of moments of 'and then I was back int he cinema' - ie, breaking the immersion experience by pushing the suspension of disbelief barrier a bit far - but defintiely a very itnersting and well done film.

Saw the parentals last night, went out for dinner and got loot :)
Not the least of which being a massage coucher. Ah my mother can be so good to me :)
Now hopefully the Spring bouncing will motivate me to get serious about this job business as well. And much will be right with my world.


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