Sep. 23rd, 2008 09:39 am
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Many thanks to the complete strangers yesterday who had two umbrellas, one a huge golf one, and offered me the loan of the smaller one on my way back from the supermarket when it was pouring while they shared the larger. the gentleman came up next to me and lifted the large one over me to share before calling to his girlfriend to hand over hers to me. Completely unexpected and kept me smiling through the evening. Not only did they loan me the umbrella for the portion of our walk that our paths matched, they very kindly walked me a block out of their way so I could continue using the umbrella to get home. Faith in humanity restored.

In other news, as one might reasonably expect, 97% fat free potato chips (Sultry Sally's in this case) don't taste so good. Well, actually, the taste isn't the issue, it's the texture - crunchy cardboard. This was the Salt and Vinegar flavour, whether the others are any better I couldn't say. but I had to try them :)

I wish I knew what I'd used on my face on Sunday that I've reacted to. I have a bright red, sore, allergy rash across the cheeks and under the eyes. under the eyes in particular hurts.

I had a good weekend even if Sugar Kitten cabaret left much to be desired - I have since heard from someone that it might have actually been someone's uni project which would explain a lot of the poor bits. Oh well.
The rest of it was good. Also on Sat night I discovered that coconut cream and chocolate liqueur with added malibu when the chocolate overwhelms the coconut, mixed to the consistency of custard and eaten, makes a really yummy cocktail :)

On Sunday I somehow resisted the urge to buy an utterly gorgeous angora cape. I was saved by the fact that we are going into Summer. If it was Autumn I think my self control would not have been as good...
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That must be the fastest supermarket trip I've achieved in years!
Normally going to the supermarket is like walking into the lands of the Fae and emerging much much later than I can possibly imagine.
Tonight I was in and out in 10 minutes, no muss, no fuss. No dawdling.
And given I went in there specifically for comfort food, this is a feat in and of itself. I didn't even buy chocolate. Probably because I was in the mood for a specific type which Safeway don't sell, but that's beside the point damn it! :)

It may have had something to do with the adrenaline from power walking there - not only was it freezing frigging cold, and reminding me that I really need gloves!, the street I have to walk down, while in a nice enough area, isn't what I'd call adequately lit. Great incentive for a fast walk. And kept me zipping around in there too. Though why I might be eager to emerge again into the cold I don't know. But if anything I made better time going home, complete with my heavy bag of stuffs!

Fast enough that I was too hot to turn on the heater when I got back, and believe me, when my flat hasn't had the heater on all day, it's freezing! Admittedly that lasted all of 15 minutes but still!

Yay exercise. Yes I should pursue a closer relationship with you I know.

In other news I have been reading [ profile] customers_suck this evening and oh how the dose of snark relaxes me.

I should really get around to paying for my lj again, I miss all my icons.

Oh and last but very definitely not least, VNV Nation are touring again, August 15.  Cue much squeeing.  They do a damn fine live show.

And if someone can tell me why lj is randomly and for no good reason adding a {/lj} tag to the end of this entry, I'd appreciate it.
Yes I can delete it by editing the html view, but it's never done it before so why start now?
*stabs lj with a fork*
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Attempting to log in to a site returns the error "you must log in to see this page". Uh-huh. Cos, that's not at all what I just did, from that lovely login page I was on before it brought me to this one...

*rolls eyes*
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I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that "A good night's sleep" is an exclusive club for which I have not yet been approved for membership. I'm on the waiting list though, and I'm currently udnergoing a prolonged period of extreme hazing. Possibly jsut for the club members amusement.

In other news, I saw Keating, The Musical last night. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and funny show. What really stood out is how much fun all the performers were having with it. Bob Hawke looked like an Oompa Loompa. As for Alexander Downer, I may never look at corsetry the same way again. Suffice to say they drew heavily on a Rocky Horror influence for his costuming...

Also from last night comes the sage advice to kitchens that if you lsoe the docket for someone's meal order, while rushing that order trhough is a ncie service, pelase be sure to ensure the food is in fact cooked properly. Especially when it's chicken.

Last week, I went to a lovely wine night and we were trying to identify the flavours. One of the wines had a distinclty fizzy feel when you first sipped it. - It was a flat red wine for the record, and after the intial zing, had no bubble to it at all. There was a comment made "there's no option on this flavour guide for Sherbert!"
While having my shiatsu treatment on Monday evening, she did some scraping. Which was an odd sensation, but left my legs feeling all zingy and tingly, in a good way. When somene was enquiring as to how much longer her resposne was "We're not quite done yet, we've just gotten to the sherbert stage!" which reduced us to helpless giggling. But it really did feel as though someone had planted sherebert beneath my skin and it was bubbling away happily in my blood.

Stephen Lawhead's 'Scarlet' is currently driving me up the wall. Hood wasn't too bad, though it was a little slow and I put it down from time to time to read soemthing else in between. Scarlet ont eh other hand, ahs changed the writing style dramatically for the point of biew of the new character, and it's dragging. I'm temtped to skip the next hundred pages and see if we get back to something interesting yet. Given it's a retelling of a familiar story, albeit moved to 10th century Wales, you'd think there'd be more effort to keep the reader's attention.
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That Krispy Kremes are pain?
A lovely woman at work ahd a spontaneous Friday morning tea today, and as has a tendency to happen around here when these things occur, the key feature was KK Donuts, being just down the road and all. She bought a dozen of assorted varieties, chopped them into thirds and prseented them to us. I had a total of 1 donut and my head is spinning from sugar consumption, and I'm all hazy and headachey.

On the brightside, the sugard headache has knocked Grease's Summer Lovin' clean out of my head...


Jun. 18th, 2007 12:31 am
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Not to manufacturers... if the sewing mahcine needle jsut happens to break off while making a garment, it is generally considered to be appropriate to remove said needle from the garme at this stage. it should not be discovered byt he purchaser when wearing said garment . Ow. because of course, the round of blood tests, plus the tetanus injection I've had recently haven't been enough of late... And managed to be situated jsut at the crook of the elbow too.

Aside from that, all round it's been a lovely weekend, one of the best in a long time ( kinus the small incident of not eating enough on Saturday to the piint wher eI couldn't actually stop the itnernal shaking, that was kinda not so well done).
Pub on Friday night was a fine evening.
Potter on Saturday had everything pretty much coming together. I mades stuff! :Lots of it. It jsut flowed and I was muchly happy.
Then there was good company over a lovely dinner.
Today was supposed to be domestice but rather was pottering, followed by long catch up phone calls followed by more pottering then yet more socialness with folks, a lovely evening.
I approve!
And I must actually go and visit said peoples in Sydney, rather than just talking about it...
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Telstra are dumbasses. And fucksticks.

Telstra have recently changed their billing system. In doing this they have somehow managed to disconnect "some proportion" of their cable customers because the new system isn't recognising them. The solution to this is to uninstall and reinstall the software, because the new system isn't picking up the modem id - according to the (actually very nice and helpful) woman I spoke to in billing. This would perhaps be easier if I knew where the hell my aprents might have the software install disk. But the correct answer to that is "fuck knows". I am going to take the suggestion given by a friend to go home and turn the modem off for awhile and see if that helps, but it being telstra I hold out little hope. Sigh. At least it's nothing I did.

And yes sicne you ask, I did discover this by trying to jump online before leaving for work this morning :) - it was working just fine last night
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I'm getting really quite obsessed with Sudoku at the moment. Don't know why I'm even all that surprised given my love of puzzle games, but there you go, I've only just started getting into it. The fact that it doesn't take a large amount of time to complete any one puzzle helps too - it's easy breathing space (even if according to the website my times suck). Though I can't help but wonder if my times suck because I try and complete it in two different ways simultaneously. I started off with one strategy but then it wasn't long before I found another way of looking at it. But because they sre different approaches, it requires looking at the puzzle from a different perspective. Trying to do both at once doesn't work and hence slows both down. But both are useful overall. Eh, it's fun either way. And hey, maybe it means I'm working two groups of brain muscles! :D

Mmmmm, tasty new obsession.
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The fact that there is a TAFE course in Lock Picking and Impressioning is somewhat blackly amusing...
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Going to the ATM at lunch while wearing my polarised sunglasses... The screen of the ATM looked like it was diseased! Blotches of blue and black, connected by tendrils, resembled nothing so much as some sort of virus or bacteria.
It was disticntly odd - normally I get rainbows witht eh polarisation!
But possibly some sort of social comentary on the bank itself could be inferred :)
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I know I'm tired, but I'm not this tired. If I could lose the fluros above my desk things would improve probably. It feels like work have accidentally plugged their aircon inflow into a bottle of valerian or something. The same thing was happening yesterday afternoon. I'm quite literally having trouble keeping my eyes open, let alone getting anything done. I keep feeling myself sway as the gravitational pull of the desk urges my head towards it. I can hear the aircon, so i know it's working, but damn it's stuffy in here. It's not even hot, just stuffy. I think the sleepiness is perhaps because my eyes are so dry and scratchy from the air in here that they jsut really really don't want to be open.

It's lucky I've already scheduled tonight as down time - especially given it's the only quiet night until Sunday, and my first since I think last Wednesday.

Tonight's plan incldues having a bath in the absence of someone to rub my poor sore back - I have yummy lush muscle relaxing stuff to help there. And I will drink a large gin while in the bath, and then I will eat chocolate and dinner and genrally have a quiet and comfortable night of relaxing.

So I do decree.

If I ever get there that is. Today is crawling. How it's only 11.30 I really don't know.
In the interim I'm off to refill my water bottle again in the fond hope that drinking it will wake me up.
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Whilst creating a new personel file today a co-worker was commenting on the person's name _something_ Donatello _something_ _something_. Then he said "Donatello, wasn't he a famous painter or soemthing?". And jsut as I was thinking, "It's bad when the first thing your brain brings up is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - think he was the one with the orange bandanna?" another co-worker popped up over the partition with "Wasn't he the one with the sword?".

I'm glad it wasn't just me...Popular culture has a lot to answer for really... :)
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I was having a conversation with someone recently about rainwater tanks - I think it might have been at Midsummer?
There was a thought that the government might then try and charge you for water colelcted in the tanks. I was arguing that as they had invested no money in the infrastructure I didn't think they legally could (not to mention measuring how much you'd collected etc). That said another recent conversation has brought up the far more likely conclusion - they can't charge you for the water you collect, but there is nothing stopping them from taxing the tank itself :( How they'll do this could be interesting though - at the moment they'll only know you have a tank if you claim a rebate. Unless they propose bringing in registration for buying one...

Edit: For the record this was an argument put forward by someone else, i'm not sure how much I agree with it, but it's an interesting conversational piece


Dec. 26th, 2006 08:23 pm
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Good god it's cold! - Yes it's Melbourne weather therefore I'm allowed to be cotnrary enough to bitch about it being too hot less than a week ago! :P

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and all that jazz. My Christmas puddings were apparently not poisonous, this makes me happy. Christmas had familied me out for some time to come. It was a whole lot less stressful than expected but still, as my aunt pointed out, she's seen me more in the last 3 days than the previous 3 years. Too much. I don't think I could be social right now if you paid me. And that's even with people who's company I quite enjoy.

Today, as well as more fmailyness either proved my love for Lindsay or my masochistic tendances - which I always thought were jsut physical! Because you see, we made not 1, but 2 trips to Chadstone... And because he slept in, the first one wasn't until 10.30. And by gods it was insane chaos - there is such a thing as organised chaos, this wasn't it. At all. We ende dup parking on Neerim road near Poath and walking - because my suggestion of training to Hughesdale and walking was vetoed. And then, via a series of mishaps, we went back again this afternoon. And in all the time we were there, I shopped not at all for myself - I was having enough trouble not kicking people out of my way as it was, *shudder* - "For fuck's sake move you stupid morons!" was getting muttered a lot, at varying levels of 'quiet'. The things you do fro those you love. It was kinda worth it for the fact that Lindsay, my n-the-surface unsentimental father, decided he needed to buy Mum something because the digital camera was really a present he'd use too, so wasn't good enough, and so voluntarily went women's clothing shopping, and never questioned price either. Watching Mum as we surprised her with that was marvellous.

And so tonight I realised what it is about TV I enjoy so much. I like being able to turn ir on and there be soemthing I want to watch on the screen that I can just numbly stare out. Right now, I don't want to have to make an actual decision as to what I feel like watching- that's all too much effort. But it's Summer tv, so I have to pick a dvd or soemthing. Meh.

Something not the Mirrorball dvd I got for Christmas which I've already played though twice.

At least it's a short work week coming up. And hopefully a quiet one too. Even being a temp can't dampen my delight at that prospect.

Should figure out new year's plans too.
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For putting This Old Man in my head.

Particualrly in reference to This

~Knick knack paddywhack, give a dog a bone...~
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This morning I feel like I am living in a post apocalyptic world... Sullen yellow light thrown over everything as the sun reflects from the smoke and smog, the oozing yellow of infection and pus. And so the world is covered in a dull yellow glow and a smell of burning, while the smoke presses ever closer, a solid wall of dirt and despair, the sun, when it can be seen at all a throbbing red orb staring balefully down at the remnants, everything dead and burning, the wall of smoke oozing closer.

You know the smoke is bad when it's infiltrating the air conditioning system....

Seriously, never mind being able to see the Dandenong Ranges, since I've gotten to work I've lost visibility to the point of not being able to see the buildings at Hoddle St - from the 15th floor of a building on Nicholson St, facing East...

It's a very eerie view out there
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I got my hair cut last night. Watching in the mirror as she blowdried it, I felt like nothing so much as a poodle - short and curly hair blowwaved and styled to within an inch of it's life.

There was also a certain pom pom resemblance...(yes I'm aware that's awfully clsoe to mop, but, I know I have a mop of curls so that's not so bad :P)

It's not that I don't like the haircut, it just needed to settle a bit - there's something to be said for a style that looked better this morning for having been slept on and tousled - no I didn't need to brush it to look presentable, just run my figners through it :)

It's...retro... And I have a fringe! I'm still getting used to it, the fringe especially. But I like it.

And yeah, makes me look at the phrase 'got you by the short and curlies' in a different light...
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December is going to eb abd enough, I don't need anyone getting damn Chruistmas stuck in my head already!

~Joy to the world, the Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And heaven and nature sing,
And heaven and nature sing,
And heaven, and heaven, and nature sing.~

I have the tune at least in my head, ad nauseum, because my boss started randomly humming it.

I don't know what it is about carols but they certainly seem to pick addictive little tunes. They get so easily caught in my head.

Too. Early!
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Have decided that I don't really need a bottle of v in teh aftenoon, a can will suffice, I wandered downstairs yawning to purchase said can. Only to be thwarted by the fact that they only had cans ov V Black. And I'm not paying to drink that. In fact, i wouldn't drink it if it were free. If someone was paying me...well it would depend on how much they were paying really.

Yes, it's that bad (in my opiion). It's like someone based what coffee should taste like on cofee made in a machine that got used a lot hadn't been cleaned in a week or more and was burned to boot. then they made a cottes coridial syrup version of this flavour. So it was still buitter and nasty underneath, but with a hefty dose of sugar over the top. And then they added that to perfectly good V. I only tried it once, and that was enough.

So I had a bottle. So much for cutting down. the amount of empty v bottles around my flat at he moment is defintiely testimony to the fact that i drink too much of the stuff.
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If my mobile phone could stop playing funny buggers with me any time now I'd be extraordianrily grateful.

I think i need a new one. Damn.

It keeps needing to be rebooted. WOuldn't charge the other night until it was turned off and ona gain. Died again in teh middle of an sms on Fri night. And again today. I have no idea what it's doing. - Aside from driving me up the wall of course. The reply function in my phone is also somewhat dubious at present.

This does mean that if you sent me birthday wishes and I didn't reply, I may have thought I had and the message went...elsewhere...


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