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Could the rain stop missing me please? I am desirous of going out and dancing in it until I am thoroughly drennched and cooled down.

I keep looking hopefully at the Radar Map on BoM, but everytime it looks like rain is heading straight for here, I get a few drops and then it's away...

Bring me Rain!
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That time of year where it gets really hard to actually have a cold shower because the water just doesn't get cold enough... *

What? Stop looking at me like that! I was trying to rinse my bathers and the water was warm dammit, warm. I had to check it was the cold tap. My cold rinse didn't fair much better... Damn that sun *wry smile*

That said, I had a lovely lovely time in the refreshingly chill water at the beach again today. Mmmm, rejuvenation.

*Ok, so it might just be me...
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...without the sunscreen :(

~I love a sunburned cleavage...~
(In context of the rest of the poem that's kinda wrong I know...)

I was in the sun so that the breeze/wind didn't chill me to the bone for the better part of 2.5 hours while on the Artists Tour of Brighton General Cemetary (which was very interesting). Long enough apparently. And yet I don't appear to be burned anywhere else.

I have a perfect V. This is not the kind of 'afterglow' I'm looking for. It's going to smart in a little while I can just tell.
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Too. Hot.

Yesterday evening, there was a family gathering. Cousins plus sproglets were down from NEwcastle and the Sale contingent of my family came down as well, plus and aunt on that side and their kids etc etc. Total, 22 people. We arrive at the ncie kids friendly bistro to be greeted at the door with "Um, the entire area has just lost power (oh, well that explained the traffic lights being out at the itnersection we jsut cautiously navigated), and out generator just blew when we tried to switch over. You're welcome to come in and grab a glass of water while you wait, but that's about all we can offer right now, we're hoping it's be sorted within half an hour". Whee for the electronic age. We were early anyway so figured we'd go and wait for the others in there, sweltreing though it was. By the time msot of them had arrived 20 minutes later the update was that it would be a minimum of another hour. So we needed to move, but how to relocate a booking for 20 people on a Saturday night with no notice, and a large number of kids... I recalled that the place near Caulfield, which used to be called Red Onion (and when calling the call connect people, they could still find it under that name), so gave them a call and explained the situationa nd they somehow managed to squeeze us in, after telling em they were relaly busy - think a lot of their booking might ahve been for a bit later. So off we trundled, a lot less painfully than it might have been. But still, I blame the heat.

And whta was with all the pretty lightning last night but no rain dammit? Went from dinner to aprty and sat watching the sky hopefully for awhile inbetween socialising. Was too hot to do much mroe than sit.

This morning my mother called me at 7.50, pulling me out of a deep sleep in order to ask if I was still itnerested in going to the beach. At that point, no, no I wasn't. 10 minutes later when I was actually awake I called her back and said the beach sounded lovely. So off we trekked, getting to sandrinham about 8.45. Most of the family contingent from last night was there was well, including all but the eldest 2 kids - they range from 15month to 16 years (from 2 different mothers) and another one on the way. Spent an hour os so frolicking quite happily in the water, before it got too frightfully hot then headed home for a shower and change before implemetning my plan of seeing a movie and using someone elses aircon since I don't have any. Good plan in theory. The queue for tickets was so stupidly long I would ahve been there for an hour or more. So isntead I pottered around and spent a lot of time in Borders sprawled out reading. at least t was cooler than my place.

Was supposed to be doing more family stuff tonight, particualrly as I'm missing a birthday dinner tomorrow night due to a prior engagement, but got an invittion to the beach (woo, twice in the one day) which was really too good to pass up. The rest of the fmaily is suffering from the heat enough to compeltely understand my desire to head beachwards thankfully. And given the heat, my bathers are indeed dry from this morning. I hate putting on wet bathers.

I'm not sure however that I won't need a shower before the beach at this rate, so very hot in here.

At the aprty last night I was being gently encouraged to come along to Arc, at least on the Thursday. However, as the current prediction is 40 degrees for that day, I'm afraid people will just have to manage without me. That hot in an un-airconditioned facility with hundreds of people trying to register etc, is just not an incentive. Sorry folks.
Was going to go clubbing on Wed night too, but again, 33 degrees doesn't inspire me :(

~Hot town summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirt and gritty
Been down, isn't it a pity
Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city
All around people looking half dead
Walking on the sidewalk hotter than a match head ~


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