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"It's official, it's time to go nude!" blares the television.

"Brunettes go bare!" "Blondes go nude!"

Oh. It's an ad about makeup. Not a statement on what passes for fashion at the moment. Or any of the other fun ways to take the first statement :-)
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During this lovely evening's entertainment, we heard the following gem as part of a Bigpond ad: "We all get on, when we all get on"

I'm ever so thankful for the switch to text button in my brain...

We now return you to your regular programming. And me to me lovely company :P
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I know this has been ranted about before, and more eloquently than I'm about to, but...

I misread my clock and thought it was just about time for House and flicked on the television. Only to get caught by the atrocity that is "Are you smarter than a 5th grader". Why?? What makes think people regard this as compelling viewing. it doesn't even hold the morbid fascination of watching a car crash. It's all cringe, no humor. Someone, please tell me that the contestants are plants? Really. Watching someone 'drop out of school' on a 1st grade grammar question *twitch*. (Which word has a long A sound? Mate, mat or moat).

Now I'm the first to admit that there is stuff I've forgotten since leaving school, but even so, this seems pretty fundamental. And if you were going to go on this show because you had a burning need for your 15 minutes of fame, wouldn't you make some effort to brush up on these things to save yourself the humiliation of all your friends/family/colleagues watching you fall down on a question a bunch of 6 year olds got right?

And yes, I know some very intelligent people for whom grammar or other 5th grade questions could be an issue for various good reasons. But I also don't think they'd subject themselves to this bullshit masquerading as entertainment in this fashion without some sort of basic research into the general type of things learned in the 5th grade, or in fact subject themselves to this at all. That might have something to do with their aforementioned level of intelligence though.

Ow my brain. No more. I do not understand the appeal of this show. At all. And you know, I don't think I even want it explained to me.


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