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Well actually, just one way right now, but it's a biggy.
Though to be fair I'll assume it's due to work running an old version of IE.
But who wants to be fair when it's all I can acess at work?

And it means I can't play with street view on google maps! The option jsut plain is not there.
This is, trust me, much of the suck! I know I can do it at home, but that's beside the point, where's my instant gratification???

it's not the only thing work's browser breaks on, there are gchat options it doesn't have either, as well as some otehr google maps stuff.
But this is the one pissing me off today.

If I wasn't stuck with it things would be differnet.

For the record, if someone sends me a url for street view, then I can see it, but when I look something up myself, I don't get a street view option. Which is just a little strange.
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*sigh* it's ingrained I tell you.

When going through recently created stuff at work today as part of QA, I came across a file named Draft Chronology. There's something wrong when one's first thought is along the lines ofwhy are roleplaying notes a corporate record?

*shakes head sadly*
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*raises hand* That would be me.

Last night when leaving work and vaguely tidying my desk, I put my chocolate out of the way in an accessible but not intrusive palce.

Upon going to reach for it just now I realised exactly where I'd put it and why it wasn't the smartest thign I've ever done...

Computers get warm mmkay? So placing the chocolate on tope of it, udnerneath the monistor stand... yeah, not well thought out. And while melted Haighs milk peppermint chcolate tastes great, getting it out of the plastic wrap is a bit troublesome :)

it's a very chocoalte kind of day. In fact, probably week.


Sep. 22nd, 2006 04:30 pm
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I have good workmates.

One of them is lending me books. Another is giving me a lift to work for Saturday overtime. I win!
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Therefore there is something vaguely obscene about having been here since8am. It does however mean I can leave at 4. And the 7.39 train was far more bearable funnily enough :)

At least until daylight savings comes in it's easier to get up early with the light streaming through my windows from about 6.45

Or maybe I'm just commemorating the first day of Spring - by the commonly used calender at any rate :)



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