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lirion ([personal profile] lirion) wrote2009-10-11 07:29 pm
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There is something wrong with this picture...

Monteiths make really quite good beer. And yet the ebst description I can come up with for their cider is inoffensive. It's not bad it's jsut bland. IT's like the supermarket white bread of ciders.

On the other hand, Toohey's 5 Seeds is suprisingly drinkable and flavoursome. It's not my ideal cider by any means - and it bills itslef as the crisp dry cider when really it's a fruity draught, but nonetheless, it's gove flavour. And yet Toohey's beer...not so much.

Also the pricing of the 5 Seeds is broken. By the individual bottle it's 10c more than Mercury. Bu the 6 pack it's the same price. By the slab it's $7 more. WTF? And in bottles about 30ml less than the Mercury too. Borked.

That said, I'm all for there being more cider on the market. It's really nice to have more choice than just *cough* Strongbow, or Mercury.

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