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Becoming a Twit....


I am curious as to why my friends use/like twitter.

Someone recently said I should rather than mass smsing people, and I responded that it would be yet one more thing to keep up with, and their response was that it was like slow moving IRC, so you didn't really have to keep up with it as such.

Given my propensity for online chat, the slow moving IRC comment is actually kinda of a selling point (yes, nerrrrd). I'll also admit that some of my dislike for the Twitter concept is the amount of twitter feeds fed to lj, with the @person comments left in - they have no context msot of the times, as much as listening to one half of a phone conversation.

So, tell me, why do you use it, what do you like about it, what differentiates it to your other online communities/communication forums.

Possibly because I've been spending less time online of late, I'm not sharing as manyof ym random thoughts and stuff, so I am maybe starting ti forsee a use for twitter.

But I'm not sure yet.

I wouldn't be using it all day, proably be posting when thoughts occurred to me but checking for responses only in the evening.

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It's Blah. I enjoy tweeting. It feeds my infovoracity, and lets me dump links.

I also get the shyts with folks piping their tweets through LJ, but thankfully most of them cut them. Whic reminds me, I need to gently prode a couple of folks who don't.

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I 'm averse to ever joining twitter; in fact I'm seriously considering going back to paper & pen snail mail letters to keep in touch with people. Really, how much of what goes through people's heads each day does everyone else need to know?
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I use it as a ping system for friends and such, as much as anything else - since I can access it literally anywhere with my mobile, it takes very little effort to update Twitter, as opposed to LJ which can take a lot more effort (and delay - my mind jumps everywhere, I can't rely on thoughts still being in my head when I get home). Also, I find that Twitter is slightly more intimate than other forms of communication - people rant about the boring minutae that people post on Twitter, but to be honest, that's really part of the appeal to me - I get a much closer interaction with my friends because I get to see those little things they do during the day.

Also, it can't be beat for link sharing, and recently I've discovered the thrill of Twitpic - take a photo with my phone, post it to twitter, with pretty much no delay. Again, adds to the intimacy, in my mind, of seeing what people see, since people will post those images up if the effort is low enough.

Also, the fun of watching Celebrities and what they post is also rather interesting in and of itself - it's a side of celebrities that you just won't find anywhere else.

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I don't use it enough to consider it an effective mode of communication. I'm not clear on why I signed up except for the fact that all the cool kids were using it. :) And perhaps to ensure that 'sandypaw' remains an ID for me. I like the political tweets from my local MPs, and having Stephen Fry as a friend is kinda cool in a geeky way but I don't use it much.

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I like it, there is no assumtion that I should make sense.

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It'll get into your mind and ruin you for ever.

I like [ profile] theuppitywoman's idea of going back to pen and paper.

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I like it for the reason of following celebrity twitter accounts, but from what you say, I don't think you'd get a great deal out of that.

For me, I like to use lj for my serious and considered thoughts, most of the time they are academic. I use my twitter for the more frivolous side of me. Yeah, you know me, I don't need to explain that side exists. ;)

It takes very little time to maintain because people only have as much room to post as they would in a text message. They can also be quite witty and punchy because of that. I agree with the person who said that the ease of twitter makes everything more intimate.

As to how much you use it, that would be up to you no less than lj. I find that I am refreshing both pages an equal amount when I have the time to be online and updating. So yeah, those are my points.


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As far as I can see, twitter is the next move in the "what replaces email" game for the non-technical people out there.

Specifically, it somewhere between a mass "instant message" system and a mailing list, for people who have (or are in the process of) abandoning email for the new, and more controlled, media.

As to the content ... like most things, people use it for predominantly frivolous purposes. The awful technical limitations of twitter, especially around URL shortening, don't help, of course.

(For one take on this, see Jeff Atwood writing about the problem in the context of a wider problem.)

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I can see a definite use for Twitter, even though I don't use it myself (and as such, my opinion probably isn't worth the pixels it's displaying on. But you're getting it anyway. *grin*). For me, the potential appeal is in the sorts of cute&pithy but frivolous observations that do get slung around via SMS - somewhere along the way, LJ seems to have picked up a sense of "things must be thoughtful/thought-provoking, or at least entertaining to be worth posting" for some, and Twitter with its space limitations just doesn't have that. I've thought about using Twitter for those little things that don't merit a full LJ post of their own, and to get over my own tendency to self-censor.

It's worth noting that part of the intent of Twitter, at least in the US where it started, is for people to be able to follow one another via SMS - so in that sense it is a mass-SMS tool. They aren't likely to roll out this feature outside the US, though - they trialled it in Canada and then withdrew it citing cost reasons, so that isn't promising.

The big thing that strikes me about your post is that if the people you'd be mass-SMSing aren't using Twitter, how much point is there in broadcasting that way? It's going to make your life more complicated, not less, to have to post something to Twitter AND then SMS it to a subset of your friends - even if Twitting makes that subset smaller than it would be...


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I like it because it provides a central way to be involved with a variety of disparate types of information - world news, tech stuff, a couple of lawyer-people in Melbourne, a "deviant" or two in the US ... I can post my own randomness to add to the mix, too.

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OK, silly Safari didn't log me in; the last comment says "anon", but is me.