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There is something so comforting about rereading old book favourites. It's like a hug all tucke dup in between the covers, spread out over the time it takes you to read all the pages.

Somehow I find this even moreso with old childhood favourites. I cried over the end of Mates at Billabong last night - I remember crying the first time I read the scene, and last night it was the outlet I needed.
The Billabong books (Mary Grant bruce) were rereleased when I was about 12, and I recall I had them all at one point. I don't know where they went, but I feel the distinct urge to collect them all again now. There are only 15, and I've got some of those already.

And then today I reread one of the Abbey Girls series (Elsie J Oxenham). They were published about the same time as the Billabong books but that's about the only similarity. These are set in England, around the ruins of an abbey, rather than an Australian Cattle station.

However, on rereading it, it occurred to me that there were gaps in my knowledge of the characters; I used to pick up the odd Abbey book at 2nd hand bookstores, I ever had the whole collection.

So I went researching tonight, thinking it would be ncie to reread them too. And discovered there are 40 of them. 40! Now the question is, do I want them badly enough to collect them all? I'm kind of tempted I must say...

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