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lirion ([personal profile] lirion) wrote2010-06-08 10:58 pm
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Have you taken a vow of arrogance?

So I went and saw Boston Marriage tonight.

Aside from some very droolworthy costuming efforts *swoons* (although the outfit in the photo on the site does not in fact feature in the production), there were some fabulous quotes, such as the subject line. It was a very wordy play, snappy dialog and fantastic acting.


"One needs must keep a civil tongue in ones head. It need not be one's own"

"Oh we do it up against a tree"
"Isn't that a bit hard on the legs?"
"Well yes, but the view's better!"

"No, I mean those allotment of agriculture"
"Yes, those!"

"What have I to fear from jail?"
"The food, the clothing and the conversation"

being the ones I recall.

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