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...Across the Universe...

(I'm sure you can fill in the start)

I've never actually been much of a trekky. Just didn't get into it.
However, having seen the new Star Trek movie tonight, I could be converted, if it's as good as.
I saw the trailers and wanted tos ee the film. Is aw the film and was not disappointed. All to the good really.

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Good to hear that, thx! I've had a soft spot for the Trek franchise - or at least for the first three segments of it - since waaay back when the original series was first broadcast, but I was so horrified to learn that the new movie was in the dreadful talentless hands of JJ Abrams that I wasn't planning to see it. Except...Zachary!Quinto! And the awesome trailers. So yes, I'll be going :-)

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It's a fine effort!

And glad you also enjoyed Wolverine :-)

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Mmm, Wolverine... and Gambit... :D

We're going Trekking next Tuesday. That will make it two movies in one week - haven't done that since [ profile] bekki_n moved away from behind the Jam Factory last December!

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...Across the Universe...
(I'm sure you can fill in the start)

Is it a Beatles song?
OH! Wait! Fiona Apple!

Do I win a prize? :)

Good to hear, I look forward to seeing it. :)

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um, prize... um... well there are some BSG dvds here...

It's good.

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Um... Just um :)

Beam me up Scotty!