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This will be of no interest to most of my friends list, so it's going below a cut :)
That said, for any of my friends who know other people who are interestedin BPAL, feel free to send them this way :)

I have far far too many bottles that I just don't use.
I am the sort of person that when a new chocolate bar/ice crem flavour comes on the market I have to try it. So Limtied Edition perfume blends are the bane of my existence ;) Especially the lunacies that are only up for a few days.

As a result I have lots of stuff that I'd like to sell off. Because while I've bought a lot, this is my first sale so while I've bought and aprticipate din circles etc, I haven't garnered feedback as yet.
There will be more to come, this is just the first lot that I definitely don't want any more.
Bottles go back to 2007.

All prices are in US$
Links go the the review page on the BPAL forum
Unless noted, all bottles are full to at least shoulder.

Postage to the US and UK is $8, to Australia $3.50.

Warrior Queens Hua Mulan (perfume oil) $22

Warrior Queens Jingu (perfume oil) $22

Monster Bait: Bloody Mary $20

Mechanical Phoenix $14 - top of label

Agape $12

Penumbra $15.50

Velvet Tiki $16.50

Hay Moon $15.50

Sportive Sun $10

Frederic $10 (Forum Name required)

Mourning Moon - between top of label and shoulder $15

Dolce Stil Nuovo $16.50

The Last Rose of Summer $16.50

Aeaea $14

April Fool 08 $14

Pisces 08 $19

Sagittarius 07 $19

Blue Moon 07 $16 between top of label and shoulder

Vampire Tears - Shojo Beats $14 Top of label

Tabella $15 - Forum name required

The Gibbous Moon $16

Edge of Chaos MCLXVIII - on me it's god a defintie green almost eucalypt edge, defintiely cool, but not quite eucalupt, the scent is fmailiar, I just can't quite place it - $10


The Robotic Scarab $10

Prices are negotiable, however I reserve the right to refuse offers.
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