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I'm not sure how pricing of medical items works.
But I'm assuming that part of the point of being able to patent something is to be able to recoup some of the costs involved in research and development.

Though admittedly I have no idea if the item I'm thinking of is still under patent.
But I'm having trouble trying to find another reason that 1 unit of anti clotting agent is worth $2,000. If the measurement is similar to a unit of blood, that's apparently about 450mls.

That's...a lot of money. And I am not sure what raw ingredients would drive the cost up so high. Short of I dunno, liquefying diamonds and shooting them up. Which wouldn't exactly help blood clot better.

(This is why they normally wait until drugs are out of someone's system before surgery, because anyone with a heart problem is likely on blood thinners, which you really don't want when operating on said heart)

The thing I find more interesting is that generally they don't use this particular product BECAUSE it's so expensive. So wouldn't they make more money by lowering the price to something less outrageous seeming so that it was used by more doctors more of the time?

Maybe it is the best of the best, but if the next best thing will work as well on the majority of cases, and not be priced so exorbitantly, people aren't going to reach for your product, surely.

And you'll make more money if 50 units are used at $1,000 apiece, than 5 at $2,000.
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I had a paid livejournal account for a few years. It ran out recently, and apropos of happenings over the last little while I decided I wasn't going to renew it. I in fact decided this many months ago, but that's by the by.

By virtue of this charming fucking piece of assfuckery, does anyone reading this actually use this crossposting feature? Yes I really do feel that I need to know. Also, as this is my journal, why is there not an optout for comments posted to it?

The majority of my entries are friends locked; I'm just more comfortable that way.
And if I go to the trouble of locking said post, then strangely enough, I'm not a fan of people being able to publicly crosspost comments to said locked entry.

What the fuck do they think they are doing? That goes for anyone using said feature where the posts are locked. Fuck that shit.

If I wanted to post to twitter I'd do it myself. Likewise facebook. I don't need someone else making the decision for me.

The irony of this entry being originally posted from Dreamwidth is not lost on me believe me.
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It's not just that people without self esteem issues speak a different language to those who do, it's that there seems to be a fundamental incompatibility between the two, so that if you 'speak' one you cannot grasp the other.

In my experience this is suffered to a greater extent by those without self esteem issues.
People suffering from self esteem issues can comprehend the language of having self esteem but not speak it.
For people who don't have the issues, it's (often) as though there is only one language.

And so before getting to learning the language there is proving that it exists.

This is an observation, made during a long talk with a friend tonight. It is not a criticism of either 'language'.

And it partly comes about because it took me a long time to realise that what I was interpreting as not caring had a large component of not understanding.

Self esteem: It's not a one-size-fits-all (or even most) garment.
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So I went and saw Boston Marriage tonight.

Aside from some very droolworthy costuming efforts *swoons* (although the outfit in the photo on the site does not in fact feature in the production), there were some fabulous quotes, such as the subject line. It was a very wordy play, snappy dialog and fantastic acting.


"One needs must keep a civil tongue in ones head. It need not be one's own"

"Oh we do it up against a tree"
"Isn't that a bit hard on the legs?"
"Well yes, but the view's better!"

"No, I mean those allotment of agriculture"
"Yes, those!"

"What have I to fear from jail?"
"The food, the clothing and the conversation"

being the ones I recall.
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A quote that I would like to remember, and wish I had come across many moons ago now:

How many times have you tried to talk to someone about something that matters to you, tried to get them to see it the way you do? And how many of those times have ended with you feeling bitter, resenting them for making you feel like your pain doesn't have any substance after all? - Only Forward, Michael Marshall Smith

I know this all to well; it makes progress of any kind remarkably difficult; the wound festers and scars and years down the track sometimes still randomly opens in unexpected, unrelated contexts.
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I think they got it backwards:

Heart attacks occur because your heart is BROKEN and therefore needs mending
A broken heart occurs because your heart ATTACKED you (or certainly failed to defend).

Please note, this post bears no relation to anything happening in my life at present. It is brought to you as a result of my weird brain givin me a visual image of a heart attakcing when reading something about a heart attack :-)
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I am in need of brandy for some cooking. I don't drink brandy. Therefore can someone please recommend a decent brandy that isn't too expensive. Due to trebling the recipe, I'm going to need quite a lot.

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I know SOMEONE on my friendlist posted a fantastic eggnogg recipe last Christmas, but I forgot to save it and can't remember who. Link me up people?
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This will be of no interest to most of my friends list, so it's going below a cut :)
That said, for any of my friends who know other people who are interestedin BPAL, feel free to send them this way :)

BPAL Bottles for Sale )
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Monteiths make really quite good beer. And yet the ebst description I can come up with for their cider is inoffensive. It's not bad it's jsut bland. IT's like the supermarket white bread of ciders.

On the other hand, Toohey's 5 Seeds is suprisingly drinkable and flavoursome. It's not my ideal cider by any means - and it bills itslef as the crisp dry cider when really it's a fruity draught, but nonetheless, it's gove flavour. And yet Toohey's beer...not so much.

Also the pricing of the 5 Seeds is broken. By the individual bottle it's 10c more than Mercury. Bu the 6 pack it's the same price. By the slab it's $7 more. WTF? And in bottles about 30ml less than the Mercury too. Borked.

That said, I'm all for there being more cider on the market. It's really nice to have more choice than just *cough* Strongbow, or Mercury.
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There is something so comforting about rereading old book favourites. It's like a hug all tucke dup in between the covers, spread out over the time it takes you to read all the pages.

Somehow I find this even moreso with old childhood favourites. I cried over the end of Mates at Billabong last night - I remember crying the first time I read the scene, and last night it was the outlet I needed.
The Billabong books (Mary Grant bruce) were rereleased when I was about 12, and I recall I had them all at one point. I don't know where they went, but I feel the distinct urge to collect them all again now. There are only 15, and I've got some of those already.

And then today I reread one of the Abbey Girls series (Elsie J Oxenham). They were published about the same time as the Billabong books but that's about the only similarity. These are set in England, around the ruins of an abbey, rather than an Australian Cattle station.

However, on rereading it, it occurred to me that there were gaps in my knowledge of the characters; I used to pick up the odd Abbey book at 2nd hand bookstores, I ever had the whole collection.

So I went researching tonight, thinking it would be ncie to reread them too. And discovered there are 40 of them. 40! Now the question is, do I want them badly enough to collect them all? I'm kind of tempted I must say...
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I am curious as to why my friends use/like twitter.

Someone recently said I should rather than mass smsing people, and I responded that it would be yet one more thing to keep up with, and their response was that it was like slow moving IRC, so you didn't really have to keep up with it as such.

Given my propensity for online chat, the slow moving IRC comment is actually kinda of a selling point (yes, nerrrrd). I'll also admit that some of my dislike for the Twitter concept is the amount of twitter feeds fed to lj, with the @person comments left in - they have no context msot of the times, as much as listening to one half of a phone conversation.

So, tell me, why do you use it, what do you like about it, what differentiates it to your other online communities/communication forums.

Possibly because I've been spending less time online of late, I'm not sharing as manyof ym random thoughts and stuff, so I am maybe starting ti forsee a use for twitter.

But I'm not sure yet.

I wouldn't be using it all day, proably be posting when thoughts occurred to me but checking for responses only in the evening.
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From [ profile] reynardo, a music meme.

Brought to you mostly by my taste in cock rock by 80s hair bands, not to mention the word Love.

5 songs beginning with L )

On shyness

Jun. 11th, 2009 05:33 pm
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Been meaning to post about this for awhile now:

From a post by [ profile] drjon:

"If someone who appears to you to be outgoing, tells you that they are shy, believe them. What you are seeing is their performance face, their coping mechanisms. It may come over as arrogance, be expressed as sarcasm, be over ebullient, or talking too much. It may exhaust them so much that they can't think too straight about the reality of a situation while they are 'performing'. It may not be a good coping mechanism. But it is not proof that they have lied about their shyness."

Just because a lot of people don't see it - I'm good at hiding in plain sight or something - doesn't mean it's not there. However I've finally come to understand that how I feel inside doesn't necessarily reflect in my outward interactions.
Still, this statement resonates.
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(I'm sure you can fill in the start)

I've never actually been much of a trekky. Just didn't get into it.
However, having seen the new Star Trek movie tonight, I could be converted, if it's as good as.
I saw the trailers and wanted tos ee the film. Is aw the film and was not disappointed. All to the good really.
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the price for reliving my childhood music memories is the sight of John Farnham in leather pants and a muscle short. *twitch* Somehow that's not the iamge I've had stored mentally these years gone past!
And oh that hair!

Youtube has a lot to answer for really :-)

(also testing the crosspost function for future reference)
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Yep, I'm now over at Dreamwidth as well, Lirion, same as here.

(Clicky here to find me

So, who else made the move? I know several of you have.

I'll no doubt be keeping my lj active as well. I'm still tossing up as to whether I'll crossposts entries or not. There are pros and cons, but I' think I'm leaning towards not, well certainly not for all.
I'll see how things progress basically.

There is a lot of community things tied up in lj, but I may use dreamwidth for more personal type hournalling.
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It feels like I've just moved house and it's time to get to know the neighbours.

I'll still keep my lj up and running no doubt as well, but might make more of py personal posts over here.

Time to go look around...


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