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I put lovely cooling peppermint mosituriser on my poor tired feet...

And now I can't walk!

my feet are slipping and slopping around in my shoes and I feel like I'm cosntantly about to go A over T! And these shoes are elasticised so as my foot slides across intot he side, it jsut stretches and off goes my sense of balance and i freewheel - or freefall - away. Who needs amusement aprk rides? :)

I'd like it to absorb now please.
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I'm fairly sure vapor trails aren't supposed to be a naturally occurring visual phenomenon... regardless I had a fairly intense minute or so this evening of very pretty multicoloured sparkling lights like shotting stars. They were most distracting, I kept turning to try and follow them... But then they faded away...
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First off, heading to the downstairs coffee shop for breakfast as per usual. The woman who always serves me is in the process of serving two other people but sees me and nods and we're all good. i step back to wait. Her boss called out to ask her to fix something for someone else - they were chaotically busy. On the way between her boss's order and the customers she was serving she swung past the drinks fridge, grabbed my standard and put it on the counter then grabbed my roll and started prepping it as she waited for stuff to be toasted - during which she still hasn't actually had time or a breath to say hello to me - she somehow gets my stuff finished before the people I was waiting behind, I go to hand money at me, she waves me away, too busy to go to the till and back, so i tell her I'll come down at lunch. But when I do and go to hand her money she stares at me as though I'm crazy and shakes her head saying 'don't worry about it". I hope it doesn't get her into trouble, but rockin for me. She's great.

Later in the day a workmate made a chocolate run and came back and deposited 'block' of the dark lindt squares on my desk, just cos. he also rocks.

And another workmate made homemade peppermint choc fudge and came and fed it to me.

Apparently today was Georgie: The Feeding.


Just a small snapshot of some of the lovely and unexpectedly generous folks in my life


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