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Staring out the window at work I could bw forgiven for thinking I'd for some reason come in stupidly early, in the middle of Winter. It's that black out there. So black indeed that my eyes are reacting to the contrast of the brightness of the fluroescent lights against the backdrop.

And the thunder keeps cracking like some oversized cattleman with his stockwhip, right overhead, rolling out at a gallop, driving the wind before it, as suddenly everythign strobes into relief so stark it leaves you blinking while the lighting flares and then fades.

oddly, now that it's actually started to our, the light is coming abck, creeping forward to an ordinary Melbourne soggy day, and that slightly surreal feeling fades, thre's no longer fairytales in the shadows, only the occasional lightning, barely remarkable against the light sky, to remember the mood by.


Feb. 24th, 2007 08:25 am
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I woke up the the beautiful view of an overcast sky that you just knew was going to deliver - or have already delivered - on the promise of rain.

Yay for cool change. If I'd been awake when the rain hit I probably would have gone outside and danced in it. Yes it amkes me that happy.

it's 17 degrees and the temperature is still sliding down.

And the air is clean and fresh, not laden with heavy sticky unfriendliness.

With any luck this will also help with the massive eczema attack that has hit this week, induced by the humiditiy.

Yep, I'm a happy girl right about now. Simple things. And while the tmep's going to start going up after a couple of days, with any luck it won't have the exhausting humidity behind it this time.
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I know this because I tried the sleep thing and woke up twice in the space of less than 2 hours, too hot and sweaty both times. My fan has ceased to be effective, because the air is jsut too hot, even with me getting home and opening things up to let the coolness in. But it'slike the wall of heat in my flat is a grumpy bouncer who's decided the cool air is providing fake id for all of it that actually ends up inside here.

And somehow, no matter how much of a breeze there is during the day, either that's only in the city or it's well timed to suddenly die as I ge thome to air my house.

Today at work is going to really hurt - more so than the last and they've been pretty bad - if I don't manage some more sleep. And the cold water saked tshirt, while still useful, is less effective in the sticky heat.

I request bringing back last week please. At least then the heat was dry.

I wonder if the body corporate would object to me screening in ym entire balcony so that I could at least keep the mozzies and other assorted creepy crawlies out and sleep out there. Actually, this being my body corp, they'd object more to the 'unsightliness' of someone sleeping out there I think, *rolls eyes*

Relative humidity: 85% *shudder* I say again, if I wanted to live in Sydney or Brisbane then i would, sneding this weather is not an enticement, please stop.
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Windy is not friendly or supportive. And while I am largely sure that the silver birches outside my window aren't quite strong enough to break the glass, they are being blown into it with enough force and noise that I'm not entirely convinced. Let's not forget the scratching across the corrugated iron roof like effects in a cheap horror movie either.

*sigh* Wind is definitely what I like least about Spring weather and it's been windy for days (and nights) now. What haven't to the changeability tp be expected of both this season and this city?



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