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Or is that all my gin in one egg?

Apropos of This Post, delightful friends just called to enquire if I would like them to pick me up a Gin Orb! Yes yes and more yes!!!

I can has Gin!!! In an Egg!!!

It looks like this:


It's not a terribly good photo.

Regardless, I go Squeee! Yes, I am aware that these things make me ludicrously bouncy, but I don't care!

Think of it this way, the addition of gin is sure to ensure the return of your regularly scheduled moody goth all the sooner :-)


Dec. 31st, 2008 05:40 pm
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On Boxing Day I believe it was I spied something I'd really love to have. Though I believe this will be in vain as they were apparently a Christmas Special only. However... A Metallic Blue Egg, large enough to fit a bottle of Bombay Saph, and containing a shot glass and pourer, also blue. It's like a dragon egg but with Gin!!!!

So, if anyone happens to spy one, can they let me know? Or, should anyone wish to purchase one for me I will give you $ :) Pretty please?

The degree of, admittedly childlike (which is really quite wrong given the product) excitment such a thing inspires me is I conceed, bizarre, but still, it makes me go squee!

Shiny! :-)

On another note, I now have a bottle of French Vanilla Kahlua in my possession (what is the difference in french Vanilla anyway? - no, Freedom Vanilla is not the answer I am looking for! :)). The Hazelnut one can wait until later, but it's time will come.

Also, Ferero Rochere chocolate have Coconut as well as Dark Chocolate flavours. These too are on my to try list. All the nyum.

No, this is not a New Year's Post, that can come later...
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This whole 'feed a cold, starve a fever' thing? Really hard to feed a cold when said cold has completely killed your sense of smell. I can wave open bottles of perfume under my nose at the moment and not smell anything. Hence, trying to muster an appetite? Not happening so much. No smell, no taste. mm, tasty tasty cardboard, no, wrong texture, sodden cardboard maybe, etc etc. Gets old fast.

Also, have you any idea how hard it is to enjoy a nice relaxing bath with two very anxious spaniels hovering over you and whining? it's very distracting and does not enhance the ambience. I understand that they intensely dislike being bathed themselves (having had two in 4 days no doubt enhancing this), and so can't comprehend voluntarily submerging yourself in the pool of water, but really... it was pathetic! Sweet, but nonetheless pathetic :)
At least when I shower they just flop on the bathmat or my clothes and patiently wait until I get out and then try and lick my legs dry. Which is very caring of them. Or maybe there is no water so sweet as freshly skinned, so to speak ...:)

Also, been meaning to say for awhile, chocolate vodka + cherry jelly = alcoholic cherry ripe in jelly form. Oh, WOW!!! So good!
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While at lunch with K today, I looked up, and spied the empty and forlorn premixed cocktail machine on the bar counter. Still proudly proclaiming that it had contained Viagra.

One can only assume it's a blue drink of some kind. But really, can you imagine ordering one? "Hi two little blue pil... I mean drinks please" Or (particularly if male), being presented with one? "Here honey, I thought you might need this for later". It'd make for 'interesting' pickups I'm sure...
(Never mind he obvious, putting the cock back into cocktails - cos if I don't say it, someone else will in the comments).

Not to mention the blatantly false advertising, considering the ingredients are, well, Alcoholic!

Well it amused me :) Not least because I'm willing to lay good odds on it having the quintessential 'girlie drink' appearance...


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